Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Cheap week's shop and stocking up

Thank you for all the comments regarding shopping and dog walking.  We're certainly enjoying the dog walking, although everywhere we go with the dog takes much longer than anticipated, as everyone wants to stop us and make a fuss of her.  We've spoken to more people in the past week than we've done in years!  Having a dog certainly breaks the ice.

Well, I did my shopping in Al*i this morning, went armed with my list but anticipated buying a few extras, as I was sure I'd find things that we normally buy anyway that were cheaper in there.  And there were....I stocked up on shower gel, liquid soap and anti perspirant, all much cheaper than the ones we usually buy in the bigger supermarkets.  I also bought a few packs of bread mixes, they were reduced to 39p and dated mid April, so plenty of time to get baking.  Dental chews for the dog were half the price of the ones we've been buying in the normal supermarket or pet store, so got half a dozen packs of those too.

Even with the extras, the bill only came to a few pence over £30, very pleased.  I doubt we'll shop there every week as it is a bit limited, but will certainly go there every few weeks.

Welcome to a new reader, Sammie of Sammieskint.blogspot.co.uk.  She's got a good eye for a bargain and is kind enough to tell everyone about it.  Yesterday I called into B&M to look for the washing liquid she mentioned (we don't have a T**co in our town, amazingly, which is where she bought hers, although she did say she'd heard they could be found in B&M also).  I found them, they're called Enrituals, come in a couple of fragrances and only cost 99p for a litre bottle.  I bought 4.  Thank you Sammie!


  1. Crikey, those are cheaper than the Aldi brand!

  2. Sadly good deals are hard to find here in France as competition is frowned upon! We have the sales on at the moment which are held twice a year and the police control them. Harks back to the communist days I think! My annual trip to the U.K. In July I will hopefully take advantage of some bargains!

  3. I'd love to try the washing liquids but unfortunately they make my washing machine smell disgusting.....apparently something to do with the sulphur in them.
    Some good bargains from Al*i. That's the one store we don't have in our little town yet-x-


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