Monday, 2 January 2017

Aims for this year

Wow, such a lot of comments on my last post.  Thank you so much for all your good wishes and I return them all to each one of you. 

I'm not making resolutions as me, a new year's resolution is something that's set too high and thus you'll soon get fed up with trying to achieve it or keep it going for any length of time.  But I have thought about a few things we want to achieve this year, starting now, all of which are well within our reach and can easily be maintained, with a bit of effort.

1.  Zero food waste.  I don't want to waste ANY food, if I can help it.  We never have to go hungry in this country, whereas thousands in poorer countries do every day, so to waste food is a crime.  I know it doesn't benefit any of those poor people (Mum used to say to us when we were being picky at mealtimes as kids "there are starving children in Ethiopia who'd be glad of that!"), but even so, we shouldn't take food for granted to the extent where we just throw it away.  So if I notice we have fresh food that's going past its best or is about to go out of date and we can't use it immediately, I will cook and freeze it.  Any leftovers from dinners will be frozen too, even if it's just a small amount of meat or veg.....added to over a couple of weeks and there'll soon be enough to make a hash or bubble and squeak.

2.  Cutting down on shopping, both the quantity and the time.  This can be achieved by doing a few things.  Writing a menu plan each week, by looking first in the fridge and veg baskets to see what we have that needs using, supplemented by frozen or larder stuff.  Then making a shopping list of only what we need and sticking to it as much as possible.  I plan on doing this every week from now on, but with the aim of eventually shopping fortnightly instead of weekly.  Although I want to stick to the shopping list, I won't exclude buying a few bargains, but only of things that we use anyhow if they happen to be on a good special offer, or are reduced a lot because of the date.  Our chest freezer is currently full, so we certainly don't need much in the way of meat, or even milk and bread, for a while.

3.  Doing more batch cooking.  At the moment, as Betty takes up so much of our attention, I don't have a lot of time for cooking on a daily basis.  So on one or two days each week when husband is off and he can keep her amused, I aim to spend some time cooking meals for the freezer, so there's always a dinner there ready to be pulled out when I don't have a lot of time.

There are a few other things I'm mulling over, but that's enough to be going on with.


  1. Best to start with small steps and when you are comfortable with them then add to your list, I have found our change of life style started with small changes and now we are in a much better place. My mum said the same to us.

  2. Good sensible and all achievable x

  3. No resolutions here either but I do aim to get a better system going in my freezers and store cupboards-x-

  4. No resolutions here either.
    I have just done some batch cooking. A box of Stewing steak reduced from lidls, packet of ready to use diced carrots and swede reduced twice from Morrison's yielded four meals to add dumpling, or pastry to.

    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. The night before we go shopping is a use it up meal. Everything in the fridge that won't keep is put into a meal, supplemented by tinned goods if necessary. It is usually something like oven roasted vegetables,curried something etc, served with pasta or rice and grated cheese on top. If I have a few different things, then make a quiche or an uber thick soup.

  6. Some great goals there, I don't do the resolution thing, same I don't set challenges for myself, I am happy to put a few ideas on paper and roll with them see what happens, getting down to a fortnightly shop will be good, the less time spent at shops the less you spend, and of course I should think 2017 will see you out walking Betty a lot too, look forward to your updates.

  7. Totally with you on those 3. Something I am going to try to do more of this year.

  8. Great goals! We are just about at zero waste now along with buying very little packaged foods. It helps having the chickens as they eat lots of bits and cooked food can go in the green Johanna. I would love to go the shops less so may try to follow your example in that.

  9. Really good ideas, I agree that the best way to achieve it is to do menu plans, trying to get on top of our food menus this year xx


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