Friday, 13 January 2017

A quick catch up

Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been so busy recently.  Betty is now able to go for walks (hurray!!).....pity it's just as the weather has decided to be awful!  We have managed to get her out to the local nature reserve a couple of times - not bad at all, actually.  She did wrestle with her lead and harness initially (although we had been putting the harness on her for a few minutes at a time for several days beforehand, to get her used to it), but soon stopped that and became very interested in the surroundings.  Especially leaves being blown about by the wind, she loved chasing them.  Oh, and whenever we saw other people approaching, with dogs or not, she was straining at the leash to get to them for a fuss.....she just LOVES people.  Well, it's more the fact that they all want to pet her as, being a puppy, she's so cute.  Well, in looks anyway....she's a right little madam in temperament haha.

The walking is great though, gets rid of a lot of her excess energy and she's out for the count, sleeping for a couple of hours, when we get home.  Marvellous - means I can actually get a few things done!

I've been making use of the time to do quite a bit of batch cooking for the freezer.  A slow cooker potful of mince and veggies, split into 4 portions for 2, to be used for cottage pie, pasta twists & cheese sauce stirred through for an easy cheats version of lasagne, or chilli powder and kidney beans added.  Spicy pork, enough for 2 dinners with noodles or rice.  Frugal Queen's version of Tartiflette - 2 double portions of that.  A big panful of mashed spuds & swede, portioned up into 3 lots.  A tray of roasted root veggies, enough for 3 meals. 

I will do another couple of freezer meals on Monday.....a slow cooker chicken casserole and a couple of fish pies.  That'll mean I don't have to do much in the way of cooking for a couple of weeks, so we can concentrate on getting out for longer walks with the dog, weather permitting.

I did an online supermarket shop this week, next week I should only need some fruit and green veg, hopefully.

We've had no snow, not even a flake, but galeforce winds and rain lashing the windows through the night.  Bright sunshine with blue skies peeping through today, still cold and windy but less severe.  Hope everyone is staying safe and warm, wherever you are.

Thank you again for the comments....a few of you have mentioned Farm Foods, Lidl and Aldi.  Yes we do have all 3 of those in the town, I do buy toilet rolls from Farm Foods but haven't had a proper look round there for ages (we get 3 or 4 packs of toilet rolls at a time, which last us for months, so I don't need to go there often).  The Aldi and Lidl are always heaving nowadays, so that tends to put me off of going there.  Perhaps I should investigate going at a different time.


  1. How lovely now Betty can get out xx

  2. Its good news she can now go out for walks and the more she meets people and other dogs the better socialised she will be, you will feel the benefits too of all that fresh air and exercise and of course it gives you a chance to socialise

  3. We arrive at Lidl around 08.20, leave 20 minutes later. Pop to the nearest supermarket and within another 20 minutes are on our way home. Lidly is almost empty at those times, for us anyway.

  4. Awwww how cute....Betty going for walkies....bless her.

    Isn't it funny how shops differ. At our Lidl the carpark always seems busy (although you can always get a space) but I don't think I have ever seen more than a dozen people in there at one time. It might just be the time of day that I tend to go. Tesco across the road on the other hand is always heaving-x-

  5. Betty sounds so gorgeous and very sociable. Haven't tried freezing potato or veg mash, it's such a good idea xx

  6. There is nothing to compare with walking a dog, you meet so many people.

  7. I always go to Lidl early morning, its quiet then

    Julie xxxxx


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