Friday, 16 December 2016

Keeping myself busy

I've probably said it before, but I love crocheting in the winter, there's something very comforting about sitting with a lapful of blanket or throw, seeing all the rows mount up, whilst watching a good film and sipping a mug of hot chocolate. 

Crocheting has a dual purpose at the minute keeps me occupied so I'm not constantly thinking about Betty! 

I've just finished this:-

It's a pram blanket, I can show it here as the recipient (or rather, the recipient's mother!) doesn't read my blog.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out, it was one of those variegated yarns, premium acrylic but with a lovely soft cotton feel.  The only thing was the yarn had a lot of joins and knots in it, which was a pain in the bum. 

I'm halfway through a lap throw, following one of Lucy at Attic24's patterns, it's also going to be a gift.  Want to get it finished before Lucy's crochet-a-long blanket starts next month, have the yarn pack sitting waiting.

I bought some more yarn last month when we were away in Torquay - not that I need anymore yarn, I didn't even have a purpose in mind for this latest yarn - I just liked the look of it so much. 

The colours haven't shown up very well, the left one is all pale pinks, blues and soft greys, the right one deep purples, blues and greens.  Got 6 balls of the pink one, 3 of the huge purples one.  I'm not going to start using them until after the Lucy CAL though, and when I've thought of what to make!

Some time in the future I will need to make a throw or something with all the oddments and half balls, got quite a lot of those now.

5 days to go! 


  1. The marble yarn has a lovely softness, it handles very well when knitting, I hope that it crochets well as I have some with a project in mind. Not long now to B Day.

  2. Lovely colour pram blanket. Sadly I can't crocheting but I am learning to knit and it is nice to knit in the evenings with it covering you.

    Have a great weekend

  3. I really like the variegated yarns. My friend , who is a whiz at crochet made for me a snuggly cowl in fall colors. The infinity scarves seem to be big right now.
    Betty day is almost already here. Enjoy your sleeping the next few nights. :)


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