Saturday, 31 December 2016

Good and not so.....

Not so good things about 2016:-

2 deaths of people close to our family.  It's been a bad couple of years for deaths, we've been to more funerals in the past 2 years than we have in our entire lives beforehand

Sister was diagnosed with kidney cancer....i did briefly mention it a while back, but didn't give any details as sis didn't want me to.

OH's daughter had a fast-growing lump in her breast.

My mother was told she's going blind in one eye, with nothing that can be done, and has limited vision in the other.

We were told by our landlord that we were being considered for eviction, which was a horrendous shock, along with 3 other sets of tenants.

My own health worries.....i have a mild congenital liver problem, for which i have regular blood tests.  The latest one shows an alarming rise in one of the liver blood results.  And my diabetes, generally well controlled, has been somewhat erratic recently as a result of stress, I'm guessing.

Good things for 2016:-

Sis had part of her kidney removed, she's been told that it was successful and she's now cancer-free with just a 5% chance of the cancer returning within 10 years (how the doctors know that i have no idea!).

OH's daughter had the lump removed, thankfully it turned out to be benign and she's also been given the all-clear.

Whilst there's nothing the doctors can do about the eye mum is losing her sight in, she's been having regular injections (of what I don't know!) in the other eye, and the sight in that one has actually improved a bit. 

We weren't the ones evicted, thank's a crying shame for the family with 3 young children who were the ones chucked out just before Christmas though.  Thankfully, they have found another place, but what an upheaval at just the wrong time of year!

I'm having a liver scan next week, which hopefully will throw some light on things.  And I'm determined to get back to my previously healthy diet and do a lot more exercise, which will improve my diabetes blood glucose.  Which leads me on to.....

We got Betty!  Whilst she certainly is a lot of work right now, as she's so young and hugely energetic, she continues to be a delight.  Two really good things are that she now sleeps right through the night without a whimper, and she's more or less housetrained.  11 more days till we can start taking her out for we'll be getting plenty of (walking) exercise twice a day from then on.

I hope you all have whatever kind of New Years Eve you want (quiet one at home for us), and wake up tomorrow celebrating the start of a lovely new year.  Thank you all for reading and commenting this year.


  1. Happy new year Sooze. 2016 has been a very tough one for me. Lets hope 2017 will be a good one for us all.

  2. Lovely positives on 2016, hoping this new year will be happy, healthy and full of fun.

  3. Good news about your mum, sister and OH's daughter. Here's hoping for more good and less bad events for you in 2017...hope the liver issues can be resolved. Happy New Year, love Helen xx

  4. Best wishes for better health all round in 2017

  5. We are quietly letting the year go too. Hope you all find good health in 2017

  6. I don't think anyone I know has got off scot free with illness and such this year it's been awful.

    Let's hope that 2017 is happier, healthier and full of good things.
    Happy New Year Sooze-x-

  7. Wishing you nothing but the best in health and happiness for the new year!

  8. Happy New Year Sooze, I hope that it is kinder to you than the last one. Once you can take Betty out for walks you will probably find that your general well being improves. I think that it is more to do with the fresh air and the people that you meet than the exercise, although that certainly helps. I know that on nasty weather days when the walks are short I do not feel as positive, a lovely stroll with Ben and chatting to all and sundry charges me up wonderfully.

  9. I hope 2017 brings health and happiness, sure that little bundle of fur will help on that front.

  10. Wishing you health and happiness in the new year. Your dog will make sure you get all the exercise you need. Hope things work out on the health side.

  11. Happy New Year , wishing you health and happiness.
    Best Wishes
    Marlene xx


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