Thursday, 1 December 2016

December grrr

That was me growling, not the dog, we haven't got her yet  haha.

So begins my least favourite month of the year....I guess mostly because we hardly bother with Christmas, if at all.  But of course lots of people do, which makes going anywhere or shopping for just mundane everyday things like food a complete nightmare, as everywhere is so blooming packed.  I think I might plan to have my food shopping delivered for the next few weeks - it'll hopefully save money (although I'm doing quite well on cutting the shopping bill), but will mainly do away with the problem of the crowds in the supermarket. 

I also don't like the fact that the days are still getting shorter, although at least it's the shortest day on the 21st of this month, so not too long to wait. 

But this month there is one big thing to look forward to.....Betty!  She will be ready for collection on the 21st, but we might not be able to pick her up until the 28th or 29th, depending on OH's shifts.  Hopefully he might find out today what shifts he'll be working this month and over New Year, they change them all about at this time of year, it's a right nuisance.

Today I will put up my one and only Christmas decoration (see, I'm not all bah humbug!  😉🎅 ) - a lovely little wreath of twigs and berries - in the hall window.  We do also usually put cards on the living room hearth, but won't this year - Betty will probably eat them lol. 

This is the scene from the front bedroom window this morning:-

Glorious sunshine and a hard frost over the fields....just beautiful.

Thanks for all the lovely comments about Betty.  We're so looking forward to getting her, she will completely change our lives, I'm sure.


  1. That's a beautiful shot from your window. And I've just seen the photo of Betty and although I'm not a big fan of dogs she looks adorable!

  2. Oh....I love the winter. It's the only time I feel anywhere approaching human. Summer kills me.
    Hope you get Betty on the 21st and don't have to wait-x-

  3. I am also a bit of a "Bah, humbug" about Christmas but will put up an artificial tree for the grandkids to decorate when they come for a sleepover later this month. I also do a bit of holiday baking but keep it in the freezer to avoid nibbling! Tip for shopping - go early! I shop for the Christmas lunch on the 23rd. at 8:00 a.m.

  4. Lovely photo, glad you were on the inside in the warm.


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