Tuesday, 13 December 2016


December is my least favourite month of the year.  I don't much like winter anyway, but December is just sooo busy everywhere you go, the tv has what seems like nothing but sloppy Xmas films showing, or constantly repeated adverts for what's on over Xmas, or dozens of commercials for expensive 'must-haves' for the kids, or your Xmas lunch. 

We don't really do Christmas, for several reasons.  The main one is that neither of us was brought up celebrating it, as both of our families avoided celebrating for religious reasons.  Neither of us is religious, so the same doesn't apply to us, but when you're not used to celebrating something.....well, it seems pointless doing it even if you can.  OH's children and grandchildren are all grown up and none of them live near us.  My beloved Nan died on Boxing Day in hospital many years ago and it had a profound effect on me, I clearly remember going to visit her there and seeing how ill she was, I'm reminded of it every Boxing Day.  And both OH and I hate all the expensive over-commercialism of it - not that it has to be that way, I'm well aware that Christmas can be done on a budget...or not, as you choose.  And each to their own, of course.

However, I do like certain things about Christmas - all the cheesy xmas songs, hymns or pop songs, I love them all.  We like spending a couple of days together watching TV (fortunately there are generally a few really good programmes on) and eating/drinking whatever we want, just for a day or 2, and knowing we can please ourselves doing whatever we choose.  We like to go for a walk on Christmas day, if the weather allows, preferably on the beach - everyone you meet is so friendly and cheerful (probably full of mince pies and sherry! 😂😉).  And I do love to see Christmas decorations and lights.

There's a street in Burnham on Sea, well a little cul de sac actually, that really goes to town every year on Christmas decs, they do it for charity, they have a collecting box for a couple of the local charities.  It's so well known it's even on the news and was in one of the national newspapers the other day.  Each year we keep saying we're going to go and have a look, but have never got there for one reason or another.  Well yesterday we did, and it was wonderful:-

The householders put so much effort into it, they must take weeks to do all the displays, it was absolutely lovely.  There were lots of people (I tried to take photos in between all the people) - families with children and couples young and old (with us somewhere in the middle!).  We took a bagful of change to put into the collection box.  The photos taken with my phone don't really do it justice, it truly is spectacular.  There are videos of it all online if anybody really wants to look.

Thank you once again for the lovely comments about Betty....only 8 days to go now!  And to Gemma's Person - thanks for the reminder that she may be sick in the car....it's a 3 hour journey so we will be mindful of that, we were planning on at least a couple of stops anyway and will be taking old towels, newspapers, puppy wee pads and water, so hopefully will be equipped for everything.  Oh, and a couple of toys and her bed.  We also have a soft travel kennel she can be in securely, unless she prefers to sit on my lap (in the back seat).


  1. Apparently puppies feel less sick inside the car rather than in the boot, especially when going around corners.

  2. Still green, just a shade stronger now. I would be beside myself in your place, such excitement.

  3. You are welcome...looking forward to all the new puppy stories and photos.
    It is also a good bonding time for her to be in your lap and feel secure. :)
    And makes you feel loved too. That is , after all, what it is all about...joy to you guys and safe feelings for her.

  4. Love the photos. We visited Burnham on Sea on our way down to Cornwall in September and thought it was a really lovely place.

    I feel the same way about my birthday - my Dad died suddenly, 3 days before my 30th birthday at the age of 55. I haven't really 'celebrated' since then. I do like Christmas though, in a very understated, do it our own way, kind of way.

    I hope Betty brings you great joy!


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