Friday, 9 December 2016

Another Betty pic

She's now 6 1/2 weeks and looking unbearably cute, she's definitely grown since the last photos.  And we can see her better without the daft Xmas jumper.  I wish it was the 21st!

I expect I'll be putting a lot of pics on, as it will be interesting (well, to us anyway!) to see how she's changing, and of course to look back on when we've had her a while.

We have new neighbours 2 doors up who have a little black Springer/Cocker spaniel cross puppy (a Sprocker, they call her), who is also really cute, she's 3 or 4 weeks older than Betty.  They're going to have playdates!  It will get them socialised and used to other dogs.  The vets we've registered Betty with hold regular puppy parties, again to socialise the pups, get them used to viewing the vets as friendly fun places, and to start basic training....we'll be taking advantage of that (and it's free!).

I must finish my crocheted baby blanket, the main body is done, just 2 rounds of edging to do and the ends to sew in.  I've done no crochet this week, time has just run away with me.  Must get on and finish it in the next couple of days....the baby recipient isn't due until February, but no doubt once we've got Betty I'll be fully occupied!


  1. That little face....ooooh it just squishes my heart.
    12 days to go-x-

  2. You are going to have a lovely Christmas x

  3. All those folds and wrinkles, so squishy. sigh.


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