Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Yes I've been!

Thank you for the comments....and yes I did mention my cough to the nurse when we went for our flu jabs yesterday.  She said the current cough doing the rounds does seem to drag on for weeks, she also said it could be down to catarrh.  I do have what feels like a pool of thick glue stuck in my throat, and no amount of coughing seems to shift it.  She mentioned an amino acid she'd heard of that apparently is good at dispersing mucus.  I googled it, it's called n-acetyl cysteine, it comes in tablet or powder form and you can get it in health shops.  It has glowing reviews for mucus dispersal and is apparently also used in hospitals following paracetamol overdose, and for liver or kidney complaints.  I've ordered some, should be here in a day or two. 

Meanwhile, the nurse said we may get a headache or some nausea after the jabs, as well as a slightly sore arm.  I don't normally get much of a reaction to them, but she was right about the headache....it came on in the middle of the night and it's lingered literally all day, still got it now.  Although I don't suppose the coughing helps.  One lot of paracetamol early this morning did dull it a bit, think I might have to take some more soon.

We're trying to eat a really healthy diet this week, in an effort to perk ourselves up a bit, I'm also cutting down drastically on dairy stuff to see if that helps with the catarrh problem.  Yesterday for dinner we had cod baked in a foil parcel with lemon and thyme, today we're having roasted organic chicken thighs (a reduced to half price bargain in the supermarket yesterday) with veggies.  I also did a beetroot and feta pearl barley salad for lunch....it was nice but I think I'd rather have had something hot - it's quite grey and chilly today.

The forecasters are saying it's going to get a lot colder this week....winter has arrived, I think!


  1. I have just got over a cold as well, I never usually get them, I was offered a flu jab not sure why, I thought it was just for a certain age? It has got very cold, time for comforting food x

  2. I dont have the flu jab, personal reasons, hope it works for you


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