Friday, 25 November 2016


Thanks for the comments on my meat post, it seems lots of us are eating less meat and more veggie meals.

After much deliberation over the last couple of weeks, we've decided to have a dog.  We always used to have dogs years ago, mainly large ones - German Shepherd, Red Setter, couple of large mongrels.  After the last one passed away we got a caravan and decided not to have any more dogs for a while.  Whilst I know loads of people take dogs away in their caravans, we felt a van was just too small really for a dog, especially the large ones we favoured.  Having got rid of our caravan a while ago now, we've decided we want a dog again. 

We worked out what we want in a dog now, bearing in mind the fact that we're both getting on a bit(!!), where we live, our lifestyle etc.  Basically, we want a smaller dog who isn't too lively, doesn't require hours of energetic exercise, is placid and easy-going, friendly and loyal.  But not a handbag dog!  Oh, and we also want a puppy, not an adult dog (we've mainly had adult rescue dogs in the past, but they can be a bit challenging) - a puppy should be much easier to train than an older dog who may already be set in its ways with bad habits.  Plus the life span of an older dog is obviously less.  Having researched breeds, an English Bulldog seemed to fit the bill - and I've always liked them anyway, their ugliness and grumpy expressions make them just beautiful in my opinion.  However, the prices put me off - a purebred English Bulldog puppy would be upwards of £2000!!  REALLY?!  I even saw one on sale for £6,500 - for goodness sake!  No way would we pay that, even if we could afford it - which we can't.

Anyhow, to cut a long story short, last weekend we saw some puppies advertised for sale, they're crossbreeds, look adorable and are a price we're willing and able to pay.  I rang the breeder and had a lovely chat with her, she sent me loads of pictures, so we went to see them.  She answered all our questions, showed us everything we wanted to see, she owns and showed us both parents, who are both lovely friendly healthy dogs.  She also has 2 adult dogs she kept from the previous litter, so we know what the puppies are going to look like when they grow up.  And of course the puppies were gorgeous, we've chosen a cuddly, wriggly, squeaky little girl who we are calling Betty.  They're just over 4 weeks old at the moment, so we'll be collecting her just after Christmas.

We can't wait!


  1. She's gorgeous.......we have had the dog conversation quite a lot of late , mr would like one , I'm not so keen as with his disability it would all fall to me , I'm content with the

  2. Oh a puppy.....I shall need to see lots of pics of puppy cuteness-x-

  3. Oh how lovely look forward to seeing Betty :-)

  4. Exciting times! Can't wait for a picci :)

  5. The sooner you can get her the bond will be stronger and you will be her pack and will adjust more easily. We have been German Shepherds for 40 years now.


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