Saturday, 26 November 2016

Another pic

Dc of Frugal in Norfolk has asked about Betty's parentage.....sorry, I forgot to mention it.  Her dad is an English Bulldog, mum a Shar Pei....hence her being a Bull Pei (made up name I guess, like cockapoo, labradoodle, etc.).  We think she looks more like her mum, whereas her brother, who we were initially thinking about having, has more of a bulldog look about him.

Been busy researching vets and insurance, and looking around the house checking what we've got to move round/cover up/put out of sight.  My wool and WIPs I have in bags beside my armchair have definitely got to go upstairs!  And there are some trailing and loose leads for electrical things that OH needs to deal with.

Oh, and when we have her home, we shan't be putting xmas jumpers or reindeer antlers on her, like the breeder keeps doing when she sends us photos!  Oh well, each to their own I guess - it's not us though  😒


  1. Oh my goodness, what a little cracker!

  2. A lovely cutie, reminds me of one of those wrinkly dogs cant think what they are called, good luck with the puppy proofing :-)

    1. Yes Dawn, a Shar Pei, she's half Shar Pei

  3. She is so adorable, I bet your counting the days.

  4. Animals wearing clothes is just odd isn't it? X x

  5. How exciting! Looks so cute. I don't mind the deer antlers but clothes make me cringe. I keep telling my daughter that she shouldn't buy that Christmas outfit for her husky and just go for the holiday collar. I would feel sorry for the dog!


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