Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Thank you

for all the lovely comments, it's nice to get them when we're feeling like nobody cares or wants to help.

We went to CAB yesterday (not an experience I wish to repeat anytime soon) - we were there nearly 2 hours, most of that in the waiting room and another 15 minutes waiting for the advisers to come back with some information sheets (which actually turned out to be no help at all).  The 2 lady advisers we saw (one was a trainee) were very kind and sympathetic, they just had no useful advice!  Literally none.  They didn't tell us anything we didn't already know.  I'm not knocking them, just saying it was a complete waste of time.

I've spent ages online searching all the letting agents' websites - rents are a bit of an eye opener.  Our rent here is very reasonable for a 3 bed house, it's because it's on a farm in a rural area with no local amenities, rental places in less rural spots (which most of them are) are so much higher (and I'm talking 100s). 

It was suggested (by annie b I think) that we look at retirement housing.  I quickly found around a dozen not too far away - they are all large blocks of apartments with shared garden areas, varying facilities, some are sheltered or assisted housing, some with different criteria for potential occupants.  None are what we want, even if we fit the criteria - husband may be 65 but he's not old yet!  And i'm 10 years younger.  Basically, both of us feel we don't want to live in an old peoples home, which is more or less what they are, even if you do have your own flat.  And we want a house, not a flat, and it must have a garden.

So we just keep on looking, until we find a suitable place, I guess.

It may be that we're not the ones the landlord decides to boot out in 6 months time.  But we now know that, far from us being able to live here indefinitely as he gave us to understand when we first moved in, he will kick us out as and when it suits him.


  1. What a dreadful thing to have hanging over your head.
    The not knowing if it will be you or not must be horrible.
    Stay strong-x-

  2. I know how you feel about living in an retirement complex, your age does not defy how old you feel. Keeping everything crossed for you. Xxx

  3. Why can't he tell you whether it's you or not?!

  4. We were very lucky last year when our landlord sold the house we live in. The new owners were happy to keep us as tenets. I had visions of us moving house with a 5 weeks old baby for a while though :(

  5. This is a tough one for sure. My wife and I plan to save up and buy a nice big caravan to retire into. We can then mix up travel whilst owning and maintaining our own house-on-wheels. We can live frugally and simply. Yes, it will be very different but at least if and when we move it will be on our terms and we get to take our little house with us. I resisted this idea of my wife's for a long time but can now see the sense in it.

    1. just remember that in a caravan , you have no address for mail and are not regestered at a dr for repeat prescriptions etc you need an address for this , I know as we lived in a caravan for 5 years moving from site to site, sounds ideal but not a good idea when you are getting older

  6. Does your council tuck away a couple of bungalows in very rural locations , usually where they built 4 actual houses back in the 50s , it might be worth applying now just in case nothing else comes along , you wouldn't get many points now, but in the event of you getting a notice to quit , you would jump to the top of the queue

  7. I think Kate's idea is a good one. Good luck X

  8. It is a good idea to put your name on the housing list Sue , when we first moved to Somerset, we put our name down for about 100 villages so you are not tied to one area, although we were told that we were not likely to get one as we were only 2 people , but there is no harm in trying


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