Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Mountains of veg

I spent most of yesterday morning prepping a load of our veg for the freezer.

Husband had brought in a large trugful of carrots, a net bag of red onions (about a dozen, and they're all massive, biggest we've ever grown), and bowlful of green and yellow French beans.

The beans I've prepped and wrapped in clingfilm again, in meal size portions, same as I did last week.  Another 6 of those in a bag in the freezer, to join the 10 I did before.

I halved some of the carrots and quartered some onions and threw them in the food processor, chopping them up fairly small.  Filled 2 large ziplock bags, flattening them out to freeze.  It's easy then to take out a bag and break off a suitably sized chunk....I use it straight from frozen, into a saucepan with a bit of oil on a low heat until it thaws and starts to heat through.  Means I have the base of a sauce, mince dish, stew etc. without the bother of having to chop the veg from fresh, and of course saves time.  I did this last year and it was very successful.

Still got loads of carrots and onions....thankfully, the onions store well (tons spread out in the polytunnel, with door and vents wide open, to dry them out).  Some of the carrots I'll cook and mash with dill and parsley and then freeze, some will be sliced, blanched and frozen, the rest to be eaten fresh.

After lunch we went to our local beach for a walk, it was good to be out in the fresh air, even though it was pretty warm (bit too warm for me, but the sea breeze helped).  Didn't think to take any photos, not that it's a particularly attractive beach anyhow, but it is our beach and we like it, I love the fact that we live just a few minutes drive from a beach now, when for years we lived in the Midlands, about as far away from a beach as we could get!  It's one of the things we will really miss if we do have to leave here.

Kate and a couple of other people have suggested we apply to our Council.  I have looked into this, and it's not very promising.  Our Council works on a points system (don't know whether this is a national or local thing), you're allocated points depending on a number of things stand, if we applied we would be right at the bottom of the list (the CAB confirmed this).  We would be given a lot more points if we were given a notice to quit, though.  Council properties are allocated on a bid system - you enter a bid (which is an expression of interest, not a money thing) if you see a property you would like - but you can only enter a bid on a property you are eligible for, and if you have sufficient points.  And the Council will decide who out of all the interested parties gets the property.

The Council will tell you what type of property you are eligible for, based on your needs - family size, ages, disability if any.  We are only eligible for a 1 bedroom property - which for our Council means a flat.  If we were accepted onto the Council list, we could only therefore get just that - a 1 bed flat.  Meaning we couldn't have family to stay, which we do quite often, and of course no garden.  None of our family members live near to us, so when they visit they stay for several days.  And our garden is extremely important to us, not just for sitting in but for growing all our produce.  So for us, applying to the Council would be a last resort, if we do get evicted and haven't found anything else by then.

I do appreciate all your comments and suggestions, thank you very much.


  1. You sound busy with all the veg prep, I like the idea of the carrot mash, I hope it works out for you regarding the house situation

  2. A one bed obviously what you want, but in a similar situation our council offered us only a studio flat.

  3. Try not to worry too much, we will keep everything crossed you stay safe in your home.

  4. What a great idea for prepping the onions! I think I might just copy that idea.
    x x

  5. Hi, have just seen your comments about retirement properties. Me and hubby are the same approx ages as you him 65 and me 56. We had to move into a one bed bungalow(sheltered) due to problem neighbours we lost everything and our garden too. I do understand your reluctance but when you are at the mercy of private landlords you have no rights when they decide to serve notice to quit. We are also from the midlands and admire your fortitude. I hope I did not offend you when I mentioned retirement housing, I was thinking of the security of tenure that council/housing association brings. However, I realise it is not for everyone. I know our housing dept would allow us to have a 2 bed property so there is the option of exchanging with someone who wants smaller. Just a thought. For more indepth information of housing 'Shelter' are the people to advise


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