Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Having a look

Thanks Dawn for the suggestion of growing some veg in containers, so that we can take them with us if/when we move.....very good idea.  It would also be a good idea if we move to a place with a garden that's overgrown and needs work before we can start planting - at least we'd have some produce growing whilst we were getting beds prepared.

Recently, we've had a walk round a couple of very pretty small villages that previously we'd only ever driven through, not stopped at.  Both are chocolate box pretty with lovely old houses, one has just a couple of shops, the other has about a dozen, a few of which are high end (expensive!) craft/gift shops.  We were looking, more out of curiosity that anything else, with a view to the possibility of property rentals.  It turns out that both villages do actually have rented properties there, but they don't often come up for rent (understandably - if I lived in a place like that, I'd want to stay there too!).  And, crucially, the rents are way out of our league.  Sadly.  So we need to set our sights lower.

I'm looking online for rental properties every few days....I was looking every day, but seeing the same houses every single day was getting a bit frustrating, better to do it just once or twice a week, when more have been added.  We're also choosing an area to look at and taking a drive out there once a week.  That gives us a good idea of facilities and services nearby, something which we don't have here.  Living in such a rural area, whilst relatively traffic-free (other than tractors and farm vehicles) and of course having beautiful country views, does have its drawbacks.  We feel that as we get older, it would be better to live somewhere that does have a couple of shops, GP, bank or post office and a bus service nearby, none of which we have here.

We aren't panicking, now the initial bombshell shock has worn off, we both feel that something will turn up sooner or later.....after all, the place we live in now just fell into our laps without us even looking!


  1. You do hav some lovely villages around you, so enjoy all the searching, I am glad to read you are feeling a bit calmer regarding your situation.

  2. Nothing wrong with growing in pots it can be just as good, good luck with house hunting, I know what it felt like before we moved here I was worried we wouldn't get anything in time, I put an advert on Gumtree with all our requirements we looked at a few places but they just weren't right and third time lucky we got this one, and we absolutely love it. The right thing will turn up for you soon xx

  3. It can be fun growing in containers and they come in all shapes and sizes, glad to hear you are feeling better about it all, hopefully it wont come to anything

  4. Good luck with the house hunting. I grow potatoes in pots, always been successful
    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. properties aren't that bad around here Sue , and we have some lovely villages with reasonable rent around this area


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