Thursday, 25 August 2016

Menu planning and cutting back on food shop

I really must make the effort today to start menu planning again, got out of the habit of doing it and that's been reflected in our shopping bill.  Our weekly shop cost has been rising recently, and we've bought a few things we didn't need to, as we've found when putting the shopping away and discovering things we'd already got.  Haven't written a shopping list lately either - fatal mistake. 

The freezers are pretty full, we're well stocked up with dry goods and have lots of garden produce, so there's no excuse for blindly shopping without a list or menu plan, ending up buying stuff indiscriminately.

So that's the job for today when OH has gone to work this afternoon - freezer inventory, menu plan (I reckon I could do at least a fortnight's meal plan with what we already have) and reinstate my shopping list of things we actually need.


  1. It is a very easy trap to slip into, I stopped meal planning for a little while and BINGO overflowing freezers and cupboards. I have set myself a full on shop from stores challenge, it will be interesting to see how long it takes me to work through my stock. I will have to buy fresh stuff of course, I will keep the money left from the budget and do a lovely restock once all is used up. I am just picking from freezer without worrying about what it is, just grab and go.

  2. I always make a shopping list but never mastered the menu list, have tried, I just use what I have and make a meal from it. Today we have loads of eggs so its scrambled eggs or omelettes. Buy fresh fruit and veg and milk regularly but make do until the freezer is empty

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. Oh me too - I try and blame the odd bits brought back from a self-catering holiday and the unexpected meals at friends etc for blowing the system, and the lovely gifts of home-grown tomatoes, beans and apples, but I MUST get a plan in place soon!

  4. Me, too...but I always have enough food here to feed two armies, the air force and navy...and their families!!

  5. I'm so guilty of making a meal plan and then totally changing my mind and having something else!

  6. I took my eye off the ball a bit and found there was no cash left at the end of the week and not much in the freezer either. I've had to rein it all in this last two weeks and menu plan properly. It all seems to go to pot when the family visit at weekends as they are fussy eaters :-|


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