Monday, 1 August 2016

Garden produce

Thanks for the comments on our holiday and garden pics.  Just one pic today:-

Harvested from the garden this morning, had to get out there quick before the rain started.  It's forecast to go on all day, through the night and into tomorrow - the garden is crying out for rain, it's so dry out there, veg and flowers are suffering and the grass is going brown.  We haven't had any significant rain - well, not enough to fill the water butts or do the veggies any good - for weeks.

We are, yet again for another year - inundated with courgettes, we're picking several every day, eating them in some form or other nearly every day, and giving loads away.  I think we have 8 or 9 plants.....when I told OH I wanted just 4, 2 green and 2 yellow.  Sigh.  He does this every year.....I tell him how many I want, he sows 3x as many seeds 'just in case they don't all germinate'.  Well, they nearly always all do, and then he can't bear to throw away any healthy plants and wants to plant them all 'in case any die'.  Well guess what, they never die!  Grrr!  Next year I am insisting on just 3 plants, 1 green and 2 yellow, that's sufficient for our needs.  And if he surreptitiously plants any more and I find them, I will bloody well pull them up!

However, we will grow more peas and French beans next year, I just love them, and they freeze well, unlike courgettes (unless they're cooked in something).

As well as frying, grilling and roasting the courgettes, we have them a lot in frittatas.  I also grate them and use raw in coleslaw or salads, or add to mince dishes.  I did try making the courgette cake a couple of years ago, but it didn't really go down well....even husband (who loves cake) wasn't that keen, nor were the couple of unsuspecting guests I tried it on.  And I have to say the green flecks in it put me off!

If we didn't live so far off the beaten track, I could sell them at the gate, but we don't have any passing traffic!  I think our few neighbours run away now if they see us coming with an armful, tee hee.


  1. It's our first year growing courgettes - 5 plants, 2 of which are in tubs. At the w/e we had a scrummy Tesco recipe courgette tart - so easy and filling with a salad. My OH made a Hugh FW courgette souffle - also delicious and easy. We spiralize them and mix with spaghetti to reduce calories. Might try making a cake. The harvest hasn't really picked up yet - have had about 10 so far!

  2. I am only growing two plants this year one yellow and one green,last year we were swamped in them, courgette bhaji s are nice and make a good use of them, you have a lovely garden haul there, I am growing more peas this year and beans

  3. Oh, that made me laugh - I had thought of trying courgettes in a cake but as you say, the green fleck do tend to put one off, especially as they're not lovely pistachios! But you do make me laugh with your talk of courgette glut! Maybe instead of your current title it should be Cougettes Unlimited, har, har! I just hope your holiday has done you both the world of good.
    It's been raining hard here today, it's doing the garden good even though we don't have a garden large enough for produce (plus our walnut tree overshadows half our garden so even if we did choose to turn the flower beds over to produce, they'd not have sufficient light.) But we love the tree and it gives us much-needed shade when it's hot.
    Margaret P

  4. We have just 1 plant, which is enough for us.

  5. We have 3. Had a minor glut, now they are not setting and we have only a few now.

  6. I started well with courgettes and then it went wrong. Fo you grow yours outside or in a greenhouse? Very dry in Essex.

  7. We have 9 plants too, 5 at the allotment and 4 at home. I'm just about keeping up with processing them. I'm replenishing the stocks of courgette and chili soup in the freezer as well as eating them fresh. Courgette fritters for tea today with salad and homegrown spuds so it's a cheap meal.


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