Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Comments and dealing with produce

Thank you for all the comments on my food budget post.  Pam yes we've given quite a lot away this year, we'll not grow so much of those things next year.  As Dawn says, I am hoping the next few weeks will throw up some highlights of things that we can address.  I do get the occasional order from Approved Foods, we also have a look in Aldi sometimes....there's also a Lidl but we rarely went in there....having had a quick look round the other day I was quite impressed so we will do some shopping there occasionally.  Marlene made a good point about not bothering to grow stuff which is cheap to buy....I did wonder whether it's worth growing as many onions as we do, for example.  But I think we will continue, as I use loads of onions in cooking.  Rachel, £76 on stuff you didn't're worse than me!!!  hehe.  It's so easy to do, though, when you haven't got your eye on the ball.

I'm in the throes of dealing with all our produce that's coming thick and fast at the mo.  Yesterday I prepped and froze loads of French beans, I did them in 2-portion packs.  Read a tip somewhere (can't remember where) - when you have a lot of stuff to freeze in portions, rather than using lots of individual plastic bags, wrap the portions in cling film and then put all the wrapped portions in one bag or box - brilliant idea.  10 lots of beans done that way.  I also did 2 large jars of cucumber fridge pickles, using the method that Dawn suggested from the 2 Men and a Little Farm blog - thanks both.

Today it's carrots and raspberries (not both together hehe).  I've got a (bought) large swede, will boil it up together with a load of chopped carrots (OH brought in half a trugful this morning) and then mash it all together, that'll be frozen in portions in plastic boxes.  I buy sets of 8 or 10 oblong plastic boxes with lids for £1 from one of the cheap shops, they stand up well to freezing and can be re-used loads of times before they split.

The raspberries I'll just stew and freeze in portions, we have stewed homegrown soft fruit with Greek yogurt, or porridge in the winter.  Will have a large colander full of tomatoes to deal with tomorrow, so it will be pasta sauce making.


  1. We do nearly all our shopping in Lidl and only get the things we can't get there from another shop.

  2. Just did a big pan of tomato soup. half was nice for light lunch and rest freezes well. otherwise I de skin 250g at a time and mash up a bit - saves 35p on a tin of tomatoes during the winter!

  3. I always take a shopping list with me when I go to the supermarket. The notebook is kept in the top drawer of my bedside table for easy reach when I think of things I need to buy during my next visit. I try to stick to the list, but I'm guilty of not being as strict as I could be...but I only have me to reprimand me, so I go easy on myself. My cupboards, freezer and fridge are always well-stocked...probably over-stocked...that's the way it is! :)


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