Friday, 29 July 2016

Some recent pictures

Haven't posted any pics lately, so here's a few recent ones:-

Dartmouth, taken on our recent short break.

The Golden Hind, in Brixham harbour.  We didn't go on's not the real thing but a replica, and it just looked too commercialised, especially with a couple of employees dressed up to supposedly look like pirates manning the souvenir tourist tat stands in front.  I do love seeing ships and boats, real ones though.

The view from our holiday accommodation.  We did have some nice weather.

Blackpool Sands - not the northern one, the Devon one!  It's not actually sand either, it's shingle.  Beautiful place, very quiet when we were there, steep parking charge though.  Had a lovely lunch from the super cafĂ© there:-

Bruschetta topped with roasted tomatoes and delicious rare roast beef, with a nice mix of leaves and potato salad with horseradish dressing, scrumptious.

The left side of the back garden (taken from bedroom window, forgive the glass reflection), showing the fruit bed.  The raspberries, which OH thinned out quite dramatically last year, have taken over again and become a forest.

The right side.  OH is going to construct another couple of raised beds in the middle grassy area for next year.  We want more room to grow lots more peas, beans and squashes....I just love fresh peas especially.

On Wednesday we went to Portishead Marina for the afternoon, more lovely boats to look at.  The tug that husband is standing watching was being refuelled, husband got chatting to the skipper who told him it holds 4000 litres and takes about an hour to fill it up!


  1. Lovely photos. I grew up in brixham so I always love seeing pics from there. Which beach is the little stoney one? Is it the one next to churston cove?

  2. I don't know the name of it, sorry, but we were staying at St Mary's Bay, if that's any help!

  3. Hi, Sooze,
    Aw, you should've gone on the old Golden Hind, it's lovely! Of course, I'm partisan, living as I do in Torbay. Brixham is one of my favourite places, and you should see it when it's the Pirate Festival, that's great fun, too, with half the town dressed as pirates and their wenches and the other half as militia!
    Dartmouth is lovely too, as are so many places around our coast. I think we're lucky to live here!
    Margaret P

  4. We had a holiday in Dartmouth in June. We had every weather condition except snow the week we chose. I blogged about it too

    Julie xxxxxx

  5. Hi Sooze, I love looking at other people's holiday snaps. When I do my online jigsaws I always look for boat ones first! The garden is looking lush and green. And ordered! Great stuff X


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