Saturday, 2 July 2016

Not much happening

I haven't blogged lately because there's been nothing much to write just plods on with not a lot happening at the moment.

My back is much better now, the pain has virtually gone, stomach muscles no longer in spasm and I can stand upright.  Still quite stiff when I get up in the morning, or when I've been sitting for a while, but it all loosens up once I get going, the chiropractor has worked wonders.  Thanks for all the comments - Rachel, yes he is easy on the eye! but frankly, he could look like the back end of a bus for all I care - he's done my back a power of good.  Besides, I don't actually see that much of him, seeing as I lie on my front with my face in the dip in the couch, with him working on my back ;-)

We haven't had much of the rain that other parts of the country seem to be having plenty's been forecast but clearly the rainclouds don't read the forecast, as they keep skipping past us!  We've had the odd very brief light shower, but not enough to fill the water butt or give the garden a good soaking.  We've not had any prolonged hot sun either - yes we have sun, interspersed with cloudy periods, and it's certainly not cold.....the weather's just a bit boring recently though!

We're having plenty of courgettes and strawberries now, some onions, the carrots are just about ready - oh, and masses of rhubarb.  Most other things are very slow to get going this year though, the lack of any sustained hot sun or heavy rain showers seems to be slowing everything down.  Oh - the blackcurrants are about ready for harvesting, must get out there and pick them before the birds eat them all.

That's about it really, having a quiet pottering weekend.  Oh, got a BT engineer coming between 8.30 and 9.00 am tomorrow - yes, a Sunday!  Amazing!  What's even more amazing is that OH only spoke to BT on Wednesday, when they agreed yes there is a fault on our line and an engineer would come probably at the end of the month!  I just hope he turns up......


  1. I am pleased to hear that your back is almost better! Great news. I will be waiting with baited breath to see whether the BT engineer turns up! We were lied to so much by BT when we needed them - "The whole area is out" was one and "We'll be there tomorrow" was another. Turns out we were the only house, as we learned when the engineer turned up 5 days later!! Do let us know as I hope they have their act together now.

  2. Saw a map of rainfall/temperatures for June, here in Suffolk we have been well over average for rain and a long way under for sun. Seems Scotland was the best place to live in June but then some places up there had a frost last night! So the weather is just very odd all over the place.
    have a nice weekend

  3. So very glad to read you are much better. Our garden is also behind and we have had loads of rain, I was watching on TV and they showed a graph showing our area for June had less than normal rain, which surprised us, it's non stop rain here and loads of heavy storms.

  4. Glad that your back is feeling better. Good to see you back you have been missed! Weather here in Lancashire is awful - very windy and cold. xx

  5. This year, I'm leaving my black currants for the birds - purely to see if anyone pops by and eats them!

  6. I'm glad to read things are on the mend with you. Back problems are not fun.


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