Monday, 25 July 2016

Getting back to basics

Margaret (Galant) made a comment on my blog yesterday, and it made me stop and think.  She said that perhaps I needed to get back to writing about the things I enjoy, the things that are mentioned in my sidebar.

Life does have a habit of smacking you round the face sometimes, and I do have a moan now and then to get it off my chest.....that's my way of coping with things, and it is my blog, my online diary, so I can write what I want. 

Things have been getting on top of me lately.  One relative has cancer with a couple of fairly major complications, another has severe problems with their eyes and is losing their sight.  OH had some health problems which impacted on both our lives, I've had some things wrong too, one thing after the other, both of us have had several doctor/hospital visits recently.  Spending an entire afternoon in a very crowded, hot and noisy A&E having tests which diagnosed my U.T.I. whilst we were on holiday recently wasn't exactly enjoyable.  Then there was the BT saga, which is still not fully resolved but is just about workable at the mo and I simply cannot be bothered to go any further with it.  We had car problems too, and cars are just money pits...hopefully that's resolved now.  There's also been some trouble in the family, ongoing and unable to be addressed for a while.  It's been put on the back burner, but is affecting current relationships and causing me a lot of stress and worry.

I don't write any of this for sympathy, I'm not looking for virtual hugs or loads of comments.  As I said, it's my diary, it's my way of releasing all my pent up tension and emotion without burdening family or friends.  I know there are millions of people who are far worse off - I love my life, I'm thankful every single morning to wake up relatively healthy and living in such a beautiful place, with such a nice life.  We are extremely fortunate to live in an area where terrorism and violence are very unlikely to happen (although there is a nuclear power station just a couple of miles away as the crow flies, and if that ever got targeted....well, I don't worry about that as we most likely wouldn't be alive long enough to worry!). 

But perhaps Margaret did have a point....I need to relax and start concentrating on all the good reasons why we love it here.  Sometimes I can't see the wood for the trees.  But if I want to have a moan on my blog I will, so sorry about that.

We did have a lovely time yesterday though, friends of ours, two couples who we haven't seen for ages, came for lunch and stayed into the evening.  We had a great time catching up, lots of laughter (the boys all rib each other - and us wives - mercilessly, but it is all good humoured).  We sat in the garden, crushed together under the gazebo at times during the was very warm despite the showers but much fresher than indoors.  Our visitors all commented on how lovely and peaceful it is here - no traffic or loud music, just birdsong, sheep and cows.  We are very lucky to live here.


  1. Oh moan away Sooze! I likes a good moan - good for you! I'm keeping my useless virtual internetty hugs to myself, unless you'd one! Enjoy today X

  2. Well done for finding a positive. Life can really get you down sometimes and has a habit of piling on more stuff just as you feel you are at your absolute limit already! You carry on writing whatever you feel like, but I do know from my own experience that I found it helpful to try to remember the good bits even when mostly life was a bit pants!!

  3. We grew up in Cannington, my mum always said never worry about Hinkly Point safety is amazing. I understand the family issues which bring you down, as a survivor of cancer, please remember more people are living after cancer. Family issues are huge here at the moment and they are draining, just one person can cause loads of trouble.

  4. Yes, celebrate the positives. x

  5. I think that some people sometimes forget that a blog is an online diary, and that the writers are real people, who have real issues in their lives, just like everyone else. They are not a debate forum. I was told by one reader that I had mental health issues because I was upset after the election last year, that I would end up as an angry bitter old woman, and that I should stop blaming others for my health issues ( something that I've never actually done, either in person or online). Despite a handful of ' miserable' posts out of over 700 that was how I was labelled. I really don't know what readers expect - I think it's a privilege to be able to read about other people's lives,and I've found that the people who take issue with what a blogger writes about are usually those who don't blog themselves or those who are ' Anonymous'. I understand where you are coming from completely about ill health, cancer, family issues and cars, having been ill for the last 9 months, had family and friends who have battled cancer , could write a book about family issues, and didn't have a car for over 2 years as we had to get rid of the last one before it became a money pit and couldn't afford to replace it. Any one of those things can get you down; a combination can take you to the depths of despair and make it difficult for you to see the positives, no matter how much people point them out.
    Keep on writing about what you want to, as you so rightly say, it is your online diary.

  6. Yes, as Scarlet and you yourself have said, this is your blog diary and you must write what you want to write, and I'm really sorry if you are having problems - they do get us down and believe me, we've had our share: I've had breast cancer (and I was given only a 50% chance of survival which is a lot better than some people but was devastating for me - but I'm still here!) and I've also had gall bladder surgery, and my husband has had open heart surgery and now has prostate cancer (and I have had osteo arthritis since our first son was born many, many years ago) so I do know about ill health and all it entails (my cancer treatment involved me in no fewer than 104 hospital appointments) plus friends being ill and sometimes dying. You don't get to myage without some kind of upset like that - illness and bereavement. But I just wanted you to consider things from a slightly different perspective, the cup half full rather than the cup half empty, as I do think a truly positive attitude can actually make you feel better even though it doesn't actually cure all ills. However, I appreciate that this can be so hard at times, especially as when your own health begins to take a turn for the worse along with all the other problems that beset you.
    Indeed, I'm considering having my own blog and then, if and when I do, and I start to grouse, moan, grumble, whatever one wants to call it - as no doubt I shall! - you can tell me to put a sock in it, har, har!
    Yes, we both live in a wonderful and beautiful part of the country, Sooze. How fortunate we are, we don't even need to go a way on holiday, beauty is right here on our doorstep, the glorious west country with it's beautiful countryside, little villages, and the sea - Devon, right next door to your own country, is the only county with two moors and two coasts and I love it. Onwards and upwards, Sooze!
    Margaret P

  7. give me a little misery to empathise with love the years ive been blogging my life has changed beyond belief in ways we couldnt have imagined , havent a clue how you do a virtual hug or id give you one


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