Friday, 8 July 2016

From bad to worse.....then better!

Thanks for all the supportive comments again.  It's been such a roller coaster this week I'm feeling like a wet dishrag.

Wednesday late morning I noticed our internet had gone off.....not unusual, it goes off every day.  Usually though it's just for a minute or 2 at a time, but on this occasion it stayed off.  Around midday a Lesser Spotted Rarer than Hens Teeth BT Engineer turned up, completely out of the blue!  He said he'd been working on our fault for the past hour or so and had discovered where it was - it wasn't the cable from the pole to our house (he said) despite it being so old, the fault was 'further back'.  He'd come to do some sort of work up the pole, then was going back to the 'further back' (wherever/whatever that was) and said our phone should be fixed and the internet back on within half an hour.  He was up the pole for a few minutes, then left.

We went out shortly after that (went and had a bag of chips on the beach - well, sitting in the car on the beach actually as the gulls were out in force).  When we got home 3 or 4 hours later and checked the phone/internet, we both felt like screaming - the phone line was deafeningly crackly, far FAR worse than it was before, and the internet was dead. 

Husband phoned BT (India) again, neither he nor the customer services person could hear each other properly as the crackling was so bad.  After several extremely frustrating minutes and being put on hold 2 or 3 times, he was finally told someone would ring back in 5 minutes. 

One hour later! - nobody had phoned so husband rang yet again.  This time he got a very helpful (Indian) lady, who kept apologising profusely and said she would escalate our fault report....she said she would make some more checks and ring back with an engineer appointment time.  She assured OH she would indeed ring back, and she did - engineer booked to come Friday (today) between 08.00 and 1.00.  So meanwhile, we had an almost unusable landline phone and no internet for 2 wouldn't be so bad if we had a good mobile signal but we haven't!  (the perils of living in the country).

Didn't hear from BT at all yesterday (probably just as well).  This morning I had FOUR phone calls from them within the space of about 30 mins - 3 automated voice mail messages saying the engineer would be coming, had arrived (he hadn't actually at that point), and then would be doing some work outside before coming to us.  The engineer himself also rang - it was the same engineer from Wednesday, he couldn't have been more apologetic if he tried. 

When he did finally arrive, having spent some time working on the 'further back' thing, he looked very sheepish, admitted it was his fault as he had just assumed everything was ok without actually checking, and promised he would stay until it was all done to our satisfaction.  He was here for about an hour, mainly up the pole and then indoors doing various things.  So....we now have a perfectly clear phone line (hooray!  for the first time since we've lived here - 3 years - I think!) and the internet is back improvement in the speed though....and the signal has done the usual thing of dropping out several times this afternoon, sigh.  It actually dropped out twice whilst he was here, much to his surprise.  He said there was nothing he himself could do about that, as he was a phone engineer not a broadband one. 

He did suggest something though that he said may help, although admitted we probably wouldn't like his suggestion!  I had to laugh, as I guessed what he was going to say....yes, ring BT again and tell them that the broadband signal keeps dropping out, and say that the engineer says it needs resetting at their end, and that also we need a new Hub, as ours is obsolete (it's a No. 2, apparently, and they're up to 5 now).

He also said we should email the BT Chairman's office and tell him the whole sorry saga....he assured us they do read and act on all such emails.  I thought that was a brave thing to say seeing as he was part of the reason it had all gone so horribly wrong!

Anyway, it's all working again now and to be quite honest, I've had a bellyful of BT problems and just want to leave it all alone for a while.  And husband says if he sees that bloody BT advert with Ryan Reynolds on TV just once more, he's going to throw the phone at it!  Instead of spending thousands on these actors and big glossy ads, why don't they use the money on providing a better customer service?!

I hope this is going to be the last blog I do on BT!!!  (And I'm sure you do too!!).


  1. We had a crackly phone problem about 3 months ago and several BT visits and rows. We "enjoyed" the various men going up the pole in a Force 6 gale only for the 3rd engineer to say the fault was in the green box next to the cosy pub in the village.

  2. After ours was fixed the broadband kept dropping out, I did phone BT broadband more helpful than the phone side they changed the frequency at there end within 24 hours and it has been fine since

  3. One good thing if you do decide to contact the BT Chairman, you already have your entire situation already written up in your blog. Just cut, paste, and email. "Bob's your uncle." Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  4. So glad it's all sorted! What a shambles BT are - but they have us over a barrel.

  5. Hi. Are you still up and working okay. I have in the past written to BT head office about similar problems and didn't even have the courtesy of a reply!! I changed to Plusnet about ten months ago and they have been really good. I saved about £50 per month! On the downside I believe they are putting their prices up next month, just as my contract is up for renewal. You just can't win!!


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