Monday, 4 July 2016

Bloody Trouble (BT) update

We had another automated voice mail message from BT around 9 o'clock this was a repeat of yesterday's message saying 'Reminder, we will call you between 11.00 and 13.00 Monday 4 July' - reminder indeed, what a bloody cheek!  It's them who need reminding!

So.....did they call?  What do you think?!  NO!  We waited until 2 pm, by which time we had to go out.....before we left I fired off a snotty message to them on their online contact form.

To answer a question on my last post:-

Toni and Trish - we are in the process of finding out about satellite, we've been granted a £500 voucher under some scheme to provide broadband to rural areas whose speeds are less than 2mbps.....we were given names of several local satellite providers, it's up to us to investigate their details and choose one, if any.  So far, we're not particularly impressed....a few of them (there's about 6 or 7) don't even cover our area, others can't promise a much better speed, or they say we will have to see if we can get some other neighbours interested before it will be worth their while coming out to do anything!

So I'm not holding my breath - and yes Rachel, 2 bean tins connected by a bit of string is just about what we have already!

Welcome to Kay G and Deb Brewer, who I think are new readers.....I don't moan ALL the time, I promise ;-)


  1. Thank you for the welcome, I have followed you quite a while on Bloglovin, you haven't put me off yet! I hope you manage to sort it out x

  2. It beggars belief doesn't it Sue?
    Hugs. x


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