Tuesday, 5 July 2016

And the lies/saga continues....

Guess what - a customer services man, who had such a strong Indian accent I could barely understand him and had to keep saying 'Pardon?', 'What?', 'Could you repeat that please?', actually rang us yesterday evening.  For all the good it did - he merely rang to say that 'someone' would be ringing us between 10.00 and 12.00 today - he did apologise though, not that that appeased me at all.

The phone rang about 09.45 this morning - it gave precisely 2 rings then stopped, so neither of us managed to get to it in time.  OH dialled 1471, it was a Freephone number, he rang it back.  It was a recorded BT message saying they'd tried to call us but were unable to reach us!  FFS!!!

Then the phone rang again about 10 mins later.....the by now familiar BT automated voice mail message saying we would receive a call between 10.00 and 12.00 today.

Have they rung?  NO! - yet again. 

I give up.  I am just sick and tired of the whole thing, it's causing me too much stress and I wash my hands of it.  IF (and it's a great chuffing huge 'I don't believe a word you say' IF) they do ring again, husband can deal with it, because i'm in danger of giving them such an ear bashing their ear will be sore for a month. 

Meanwhile, on their Fault Tracker website page, it says our fault is 'in progress' and they aim to repair it by 23.59 tonight.  Yesterday it said they would aim for repair by 17.00 YESTERDAY.  Seeing as they have to send out an engineer to replace the obsolete 40+ year old cable from the pole to our house, I don't think it will now be done today, do you?!  ;-)


  1. I do feel for you we ended up getting our mp on to it and he passed it on to the rural affairs commissions in the houses of parliament who yes did get BT to get there act together and stayed in contact with us.

  2. There was a huge campaign a few months ago on Radio Norfolk/TV East about BT and its hopeless rural service. Lots of stories like yours unfortunately. When you feel calm do write to your MP as Dawn suggests and your local radio station. It helps if you can get lots of local people to do the same all on the same day apparently!

  3. I'm not sure parliament is in order enough to deal with BT as folk have suggested!! But seriously what a faff. Are they your only option for tinternet links to the outside world? If you could get on the internet onto Twitter, a good old fashioned public message might just get results. It works for other people v big companies. I've seen it!

  4. The joys of rural living...nobody ever turns up for appointments

  5. How bloody frustrating for you...to put it very, very mildly! I would be spitting chips!!!


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