Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Still crippled

Thank you for all the sympathetic comments.  A week on and the back is no better at all.  Saw GP....a nice lady locum who gave me a (painful) examination and then cheerfully gave me a dire warning about ringing for an ambulance to go to A&E immediately if I found myself unable to pee or poo, or I wet the bed!  :-O  Apparently, the disc can sometimes press on a nerve which could cause complete lack of feeling in my saddle (as she called it - then helpfully explained it meant the bum/fanny area...she was quite a character).  Thankfully, that's not happened (yet!).  I came out with an armful of pills, one of which is to counteract the side effects of one of the others, hmm.  One of the medications is Diazepam....I wasn't very happy about that, seeing as it's a tranquillizer - "We don't call them that anymore, we call them benzodiazepines now!" - she said, as if that makes it any better!  She assured me that in the lowest dosage and as a very short course (10 pills) they are a very effective muscle relaxant.  To be frank, the way things are at the mo, I'd happily swallow handfuls of any of the pills if they did the trick.  Told me to go back in a week's time if no better and they'd see about referring me for 'other treatments'.

Well, I can't wait that long - goodness knows how long a referral would take - so I've booked in for a chiropractic treatment on Monday.  I'm trying to carry on as normal, we even went out to our favourite little town, Wells, yesterday for lunch and a walk round the lovely little shops.  Had to cut it short though and go home as I was getting more crippled by the minute.  After taking pills and lying on the bed for an hour, the muscle spasms stopped and I could move around again.  This is what it's like all the time.....I do some activity for an hour or so, be it a bit of housework, cooking or walking round somewhere, then I'm in such agony and so bent over sideways that I have to stop and rest completely.  I'm also totally woolly-headed from all the tablets, my brain feels like it's in slow motion.

The garden's coming on a treat....husband is doing all the work as i'm so incapacitated, I'll take some photos and put them on soon.  We're eating onions, new potatoes, courgettes, baby carrots, radishes and strawberries from the garden.  Just bought a couple of French lavenders and a gorgeous smelling old fashioned type deep pink David Austin rose, OH's just planted them in the front garden.  Had a bit of rain at last, much to OH's relief as his water butt has been empty for ages.....they've been forecasting showers for the west country for a week or more, but up till yesterday they'd mostly bypassed us completely.  We definitely need more rain though, everything is so bone dry.


  1. So sorry to hear that your back is no better. It can be a long and tortuous business.
    Hope the chiropractor does you some good-x-

  2. Back pain affects the whole of your life, hope you get relief soon.

  3. if hey want to refer you just ask them to find the quickest referral, it may be further away but there can be a huge difference in wait times , it was 5 months locally but under NHS choices Mr Bah Humbug was seen 1n less than a week at the big private hospital locally then operated on 14 days later

  4. Oh, you poor girl! As Marlene says, back pain affects your whole life. I've had problems since I was 25, osteo arthritis, partly in my genes (my Dad had it) and partly due to hormonal changes during pregnancy (my consultant at the time explained this to me, it's not just one of my tin-pot theories.) I've had cortisone injections into the spine (short-lived relief, i.e. for a day or three) and manipulations under a general anaesthetic, but nothing worked very much. I find nights are the worst, being immobile in bed for so long, but we need our sleep, don't we? Being bunged up doesn't help and a lot of pain killers, especially if they have codeine in them cause constipation. I love the sound of that nurse though, she sounds a gem!
    But, even though you are in pain, you are enjoying your garden. Our peonies are almost out and I cut one yesterday and have it in our bedroom, it's such a wonderful flower, with pale tissue-like pink petals, and a delightful scent.
    One idea, and it's not a pain killer, but treat yourself to a rose or lavender pillow mist - I buy a lavender one from Cotswold Lavender and the rose one from It's a lovely fragrance and I spray it on my pillow at night. Indeed, at this time of the year I have Roger & Gallet rose soap in the shower and on the basin, and I use Acqua de Parma Rose Nobile eau de toilette. Pain or not, I smell nice! But a pillow mist is a lovely comforting fragrance.
    Yes, I hope your chiropractor does some good - let us know how that goes, I'd be interested in having this kind of treatment myself - I tried osteopathy, but again, the relief was very short lived for the cost involved (a couple of days, if that.)
    Margaret P

  5. I'm so late reading so have only just caught up. So sorry to hear about the back, Chiro worked for Col years ago and physio has helped me( tho' nothing as painful as you have)so I hope you get some relief from pain very soon.

  6. That sounds awful. I hate having a bad back and definitely become Mrs Grumpy! Well done for being cheerful. I've not got any magic advice for cures but like you I would worry about those pills!


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