Sunday, 19 June 2016

Saving money

We've got a big holiday to look forward to in the autumn.....going to Scotland for a week, to meet up with a very dear friend I've got to know through the internet but haven't yet met in real life (hello D!) exciting, I can't wait!  Somerset to Scotland is a long way and will take many gallons of fuel (sorry, litres....I still work in old money), as well as many hours.  To break up the journey so OH doesn't have to do it all in one go (I don't drive), we're going to spend a night in a motel both on the way up and the return journey.  So it's going to cost us a fair bit of money, hence the need to save. 

Since January we've been saving £2 coins, to go towards the fuel.  OH counted them the other day, we've saved £66 so far which is a really good start.  Whenever we go on holiday, we always take a big coolbox filled with meals that I've cooked and frozen during the 3 or 4 weeks prior to the holiday - things like cottage pie, fish pie, lasagne, curry, pasta bakes.  Together with some frozen milk and bread and a few ice packs, the food always stays frozen until we reach our destination....this saves us money and means I don't have to spend the week cooking.  That's not an option this time though, seeing as we're going to be staying in a motel on the way up, obviously we can still take tinned and packet stuff, but not fresh.  There is a small supermarket, one of the Spar type shops where stuff generally costs more than in a bigger supermarket, next door to where we're staying, and a couple of restaurants close by where we will no doubt eat once or twice.  After all, it's a holiday so I don't want to spend it stuck in the kitchen all the time.

One of the best and most immediate ways I can save money is by cutting back on the food shopping, which is fairly easy really if I put my mind to it, plan accordingly, check what we have in before writing a menu plan and shopping list....and sticking to it!  As more of our garden produce becomes ready (we're harvesting new potatoes, onions, courgettes, a few carrots and strawberries at the mo), so we will be able to reduce the amount of veg and fruit we buy, which saves us lots of money.  I reckon I can easily save £10-15 per week, which I'll put by to go towards the holiday. 

My back is slightly better, my stomach muscles aren't constantly in spasm anymore which is a massive relief.  I'm fairly sure it's because I've been taking the anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant tabs regularly....3 days ago I deliberately didn't take them, just to see what happened, and was crippled and in agony again the following day :-(  I'm hoping the chiropractic session (well, more than 1 session I expect) will result in me being able to come off, or at least reduce, the medication sooner rather than later....I really hate having to be on drugs all the time.  Thank you again for all your well wishes.


  1. Each week for months we always would buy a few extra's when food shopping, and build up our store cupboard, to the stage where the few weeks before we went on holiday we would not need to buy much, the money we saved would go to our spending money fund. It worked for years. Plus if we wanted to take things with us, we already have them.

  2. That will be a great deal of driving, it is a good idea to split it up. You will be having an adventure, your shopping will cost more in Scotland but as you say it is a holiday. Something good to look forward to.

  3. Its lovely planning for a holiday and the chance to meet a friend too, I have friends who I met through the internet its lovely to meet them :-)

  4. Sorry you are still in pain and I hope the long drive north won't make matters worse, but if you are driving and not in a coach, at least you can stop when you feel like it, just to get moving again, for sitting a long time, especially if you are not driving, makes you feel very stiff.
    I guess, by what you've said, you will be staying in somewhere - perhaps a cottage or apartment - and self catering? We had a holiday in Scotland many years ago when the lads were young and we did it as a house exchange. We couldn't afford holidays in those days, it was enough to shell out on petrol (always an expense) but we house-swapped via the National Women's Register, of which I was a member. Not sure whether this organization still does house swaps, but we managed five holidays doing this, and all very successfully. But of course, it meant a lot of planning and preparation beforehand, as people were coming to stay in our home, so we made it pristine and, even on the day we left, changed the bed linen and so forth, to make the house look lovely for their arrival. Not everyone wants to do that and pack their car for a holiday as well!
    Margaret P


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