Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Mediaeval torture!

I had my first session of chiropractic yesterday, with a nice therapist called Mark.  He was very sympathetic and kind, putting me at my ease straight away.  After taking a detailed history, he examined me....he said my lower back muscles were incredibly tight and my spine was twisted sideways.  He located which 2 discs were causing the most problems and noted that my entire lower back area was extremely sore and sensitive.

I then had to lie on the couch face down, and he gave me the works!  Ultrasound first of all, followed by some deep massage - lovely, if a little painful in places.  Mark said he wanted to do some manipulation next, but my muscles were still a bit too tight for that, so used acupuncture needles first, which he said would loosen up the muscles sufficiently to do the manipulation.  I've never had acupuncture before, it didn't hurt at all, in fact if he hadn't told me he was doing it I would never have known. 

The manipulation was more like mediaeval torture!  He had me lying on my right side, he pressed my left shoulder and pushed it hard, whilst at the same time actually kneeling on my left knee and yanking my left hip towards him, so effectively twisting my body in half....I felt a sharp wrench somewhere in my lower back and yelped.  "Good, there it goes!" he said (the sadist, haha).  Then he did the same on my other side.  Mercifully, that was it for the manipulation, so although it was painful, it was very shortlived. 

After he'd helped me up off the couch, we went into another room with another couch, which I again had to lie face down on.  He stuck 3 large TENS-machine type pads on my lower back and set the machine to pulse gently for 10 minutes, whilst some soothing music played.  And that was it. 

I slept like a baby last night, for the first time in ages....torture clearly relaxes me!  teehee.  I'm going again next Monday.

Today I ache a lot, including some places that didn't ache before.  My left shoulder in particular feels like it's been rammed into by an American footballer.  But my lower back is less painful and my stomach muscles are no longer spasming all the time.  So it's well worth the money, in my opinion (even with the torture! ;-) haha).


  1. Good start, they can work miracles

  2. I hope that you see steady improvement, the pain will all be worth it in the end. I had a 6 week course several years ago and have had no further problems.

  3. Martin goes to one to get his back done, his hips are out of line, he goes for regular MOT checks and it seems to help his back a lot, hope it works out for you

  4. Haha you described EXACTLY what my HG goes through when he goes to get his back firtled at the Osteopaths. He says it is worth every penny of the £60 treatment! He said the clicks and cracks sound alarming!
    Sounds like you gad a good going over - and you are going back for more - lucky you!!! Is Mark easy on the eye too?? Hehehehe


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