Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Sorry to have been so quiet....again.  Things are looking up, we're just so busy at the mo.  We're decorating the lounge....oh how I loathe decorating!  (even though OH does the bulk of the work....I'm the apprentice who can't be trusted to actually do anything important except pull off the odd bit of wallpaper and make tea, and point out where he's missed a bit, snigger).  I do the decorative bits afterwards, arranging furniture and things (arranging, or rather hefting heavy furniture around, was what got me an umbilical hernia 2 years ago) and choosing pictures etc.  That's the bit I like best, the finishing touches.


  1. I am now a dab hand at painting and pasting the wallpaper but would never tackle the hanging of it, that is done perfectly by DB. As we have aged, we made sure all rooms are wallpapered, leaving just painting over it in future.

  2. Sooze ... you and me both, i.e. decorating. Or rather, I chose curtain fabric, wall colour, carpet ... and we are decorating our bedroom. It will take a while to complete because it's a total overhaul and the carpet company aren't even able to measure up until a week on Monday and then it won't be until the end of June when the new carpet is laid. But that gives us (i.e. husband) time to get the decorating done. Plus lovely new curtains are being made - proper, hand finished ones. Yes, we could by ready mades cheaply, but I'm a fusspot when it comes to our interior, and I just love good fabric and properly made curtains. Lovely Sanderson fabric in cream with rose design. Can't wait for it all to be completed, complete with the old furniture painted in eggshell (a stone colour), new crystal chandelier to add a touch of prettiness ... but oh, the mess right now, with bits and pieces from the bedroom everywhere! As with you, I do the arranging when all is finished! Indeed, the most onerous task is to choose four rose prints from a book of P J Redoute (known as the man who painted roses) rose prints to have framed. I always used to sigh in horror when I heard of book breakers, who would whip out the prints, frame them and then sell them separately, but this isn't a valuable book and there are plenty more available on Abe Books, so break it I shall. I will have them framed with a buff mount and black and gilt frames (there's a professional framer in the town and I'm sure they will look great in a line above the bedhead.)
    The paint we are using? Farrow & Ball, which is the loveliest paint in the world. The colour is Bone (estate emulsion) which is such a soft shade of green/beige, a very restful colour for a bedroom, especially when teamed with Antique White (by Leyland) ceiling and woodwork and a soft honey coloured carpet. Mind you, if you do a job properly it doesn't need doing for a very long time. We did our sitting/dining room 14 years ago and it still looks lovely. Chose the colour scheme carefully, buy the best paint/paper/furnishings you can afford (buy cheap, buy twice) and take great care in executing the job. Then it will be worth the rooms being upset for a while.
    Margaret P

  3. I too loathe decorating but I also couldn't stand having anyone in the flat doing it for me!


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