Saturday, 21 May 2016

Back online and a few thoughts

So, a week (well, 6 days to be precise) of not switching on the laptop, and leaving my phone in my handbag.  Well, that's not strictly true....I did have to put the puter on midweek to do some banking, order a prescription and send a couple of emails but I did switch it off again straight after.  Thanks for the comments on my last post, by the way.

So what have I done in the past week?  And what have I learnt? 

A fair bit of housework got done, we sorted out the sideboard in the lounge, did lots of work in the garden, 2 craft projects - finished one that I'd started and then put on hold for a few weeks, and started another, I'll blog more about those and show photos in another post.  I went through my craft store and made a list of a few more projects I want to make.  We also reorganised our veg planting plan and added a few more things to the list of what we're growing this year.  Started filling a couple of boxes with things to hopefully sell at a car boot sale next month - some unwanted kitchen equipment, CDs and DVDs from the sideboard, a couple of old phones, books.  So a lot got done, certainly far more than I normally do in a week.

I think the thing that has taken me by surprise is that, having been off the computer for a week, I actually feel a lot calmer and more relaxed, even though I've been far busier.  I think the fact that there were quite a few outstanding jobs that I hadn't go round to doing before (including the crafting) had been niggling at the back of my mind and making me feel irritable, without me actually realising what it was that was irritating me. 

I've also come to the conclusion that there are certain things I really did miss about the computer - mainly the morning stuff.  I always get up early and way before OH - well, when he's worked obviously he doesn't get up until about noon anyway seeing as he works nights, but even on his days off I get up a couple of hours before him.  My usual routine is to sit at the dining table looking out over the back garden and the field beyond, drinking my coffee and browsing on the computer, reading the paper, blogs and forum, until husband gets up.  Well, I did miss that a lot...there's not much else I can easily do in the mornings without waking husband up, he's a light sleeper and complains if he gets woken (understandably, so do I!).  I also missed being on the computer in the evenings....I'm not a great telly watcher, when OH is at work I only have the TV on if there's something specific I want to watch, otherwise I'm on the computer.  I spent the last few evenings this week whilst he was at work reading, but get bored with that after a while, unless it's a really gripping book.  I don't tend to do crafting in the evenings, can't see it well enough.

So I think from now on I will have the computer on for an hour or 2 in the mornings, and again in the evenings, but will leave it switched off during the day....that way I get the best of both worlds, browsing time when I most enjoy it, and the whole day to get stuff done without the big temptation and distraction of the computer.


  1. I work on our computer in the mornings only, for one I function better in the mornings for concentrating on emails etc. I give myself a time limit from the time switched on and only on the computer for an hour. I actually used to set the oven timer when I first started this. It works for me.
    Julie xxxx

  2. Life is all about balance. I limit my time on here, other wise you can lose hours.

  3. well done, mine usually early morning and evening, during the day its on and when I am having a cuppa do a quick check on things, I often find its the niggly jobs that play on your mind and often I will wake during the night and think about them, I try to get them done out of the way :-)

  4. I know exactly what you mean about feeling calmer and less irritated.

  5. Glad to see you back! Did you sleep any better with your different routines? xx


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