Friday, 27 May 2016


It's our wedding anniversary today....33 years, how time flies!  He's such a lovely kind caring man (in spite of the fact that there are times when I could throttle him! hehe), he looks after me very well, does (most) things I want done and still makes me laugh out loud.  How he's put up with me for this length of time I don't know, the man is a saint ;-)

He couldn't get today off work (too many others going off on their hols early), so we went out for lunch on Wednesday, to a local independent carvery restaurant.  It was heaving with people, a big coach party in apparently, thank goodness we booked or we'd never have got in.  The food was lovely, as usual, I had beef and lamb, scrumptious.  We don't bother buying each other presents anymore, after all these years we have everything we need so don't see the point in spending money unnecessarily.  We've had money gifts from family, so will put that towards something for the garden.

I realised it's also a year since I started writing this blog....well, it was a year last month actually, i'd just forgotten about it.  Again, where does the time go? 

As it's school holidays next week we shan't be going out anywhere....the perils of living in a holiday area, the beaches, towns etc are overrun with tourists.  My biggest bugbear with them is that they amble along at a snail's pace, 3 or 4 abreast taking up the entire pavement, or milling around in groups having a chinwag and blocking the way.  Fine, if you have the time, which obviously they do, but a bit annoying when you live here and just want to get your shopping done, get to the bank and go home!  But of course lots of local businesses rely on tourists, so I shouldn't moan (but I will anyway hehe).

Haven't looked at the forecast yet for next week but I hope it will be fine...not raining at least, as we have work to do in the front garden, a small flower bed to clear and replant, lawn to cut and wooden furniture to paint. 


  1. Happy Anniversary, we reach 25 years next week and have been together 32 years, it really dosent seem that long, I haven't looked at the forecast for next week yet, should really as we have visitor arriving.

  2. Congratulations, like you say, a long time together and still going strong.

  3. Happy anniversary and your blogiversary too! xx

  4. Happy anniversary, I hope that the next 33 go just as well. I used to live near a tourist attraction and never went through the gate on Sundays and bank holiday mondays. School holidays were not too bad as the traffic was more spread out. I have always avoided crowds and been happy to stay in and potter round the garden.

  5. My goodness 'only' 33 years; you are but a learner! All being well, we will celebrate our 52nd anniversary come October, now that's a long time, but we'd do it all over again given the chance. Like you we feel no need to buy presents, and rarely do so but now and again splash out on something, such as for our Golden Wedding we bought a to-share new Nikon DSLR camera even though it's me that uses it 99.999% of the time.
    Yes, living in a holiday resort, as we also do, means staying put on a Bank Holiday!
    Have a good day whatever you are doing.
    Margaret P

  6. Happy Anniversary! hope you have a great day,
    All the best,

  7. Happy anniversary, you are 3 years ahead of us, like you I think my hubby is a saint he hates the words 'I've had a thought'we don't do presents for the same reason. It is so good to have a good partner for your life.

  8. Happy Anniversary to you for both things.

  9. Happy Anniversary X Happy Blogiversary X

  10. were infested with holidaymakers as well, they bring loads of money , but they really put the price of everything up here


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