Friday, 27 May 2016


It's our wedding anniversary today....33 years, how time flies!  He's such a lovely kind caring man (in spite of the fact that there are times when I could throttle him! hehe), he looks after me very well, does (most) things I want done and still makes me laugh out loud.  How he's put up with me for this length of time I don't know, the man is a saint ;-)

He couldn't get today off work (too many others going off on their hols early), so we went out for lunch on Wednesday, to a local independent carvery restaurant.  It was heaving with people, a big coach party in apparently, thank goodness we booked or we'd never have got in.  The food was lovely, as usual, I had beef and lamb, scrumptious.  We don't bother buying each other presents anymore, after all these years we have everything we need so don't see the point in spending money unnecessarily.  We've had money gifts from family, so will put that towards something for the garden.

I realised it's also a year since I started writing this blog....well, it was a year last month actually, i'd just forgotten about it.  Again, where does the time go? 

As it's school holidays next week we shan't be going out anywhere....the perils of living in a holiday area, the beaches, towns etc are overrun with tourists.  My biggest bugbear with them is that they amble along at a snail's pace, 3 or 4 abreast taking up the entire pavement, or milling around in groups having a chinwag and blocking the way.  Fine, if you have the time, which obviously they do, but a bit annoying when you live here and just want to get your shopping done, get to the bank and go home!  But of course lots of local businesses rely on tourists, so I shouldn't moan (but I will anyway hehe).

Haven't looked at the forecast yet for next week but I hope it will be fine...not raining at least, as we have work to do in the front garden, a small flower bed to clear and replant, lawn to cut and wooden furniture to paint. 

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Back online and a few thoughts

So, a week (well, 6 days to be precise) of not switching on the laptop, and leaving my phone in my handbag.  Well, that's not strictly true....I did have to put the puter on midweek to do some banking, order a prescription and send a couple of emails but I did switch it off again straight after.  Thanks for the comments on my last post, by the way.

So what have I done in the past week?  And what have I learnt? 

A fair bit of housework got done, we sorted out the sideboard in the lounge, did lots of work in the garden, 2 craft projects - finished one that I'd started and then put on hold for a few weeks, and started another, I'll blog more about those and show photos in another post.  I went through my craft store and made a list of a few more projects I want to make.  We also reorganised our veg planting plan and added a few more things to the list of what we're growing this year.  Started filling a couple of boxes with things to hopefully sell at a car boot sale next month - some unwanted kitchen equipment, CDs and DVDs from the sideboard, a couple of old phones, books.  So a lot got done, certainly far more than I normally do in a week.

I think the thing that has taken me by surprise is that, having been off the computer for a week, I actually feel a lot calmer and more relaxed, even though I've been far busier.  I think the fact that there were quite a few outstanding jobs that I hadn't go round to doing before (including the crafting) had been niggling at the back of my mind and making me feel irritable, without me actually realising what it was that was irritating me. 

I've also come to the conclusion that there are certain things I really did miss about the computer - mainly the morning stuff.  I always get up early and way before OH - well, when he's worked obviously he doesn't get up until about noon anyway seeing as he works nights, but even on his days off I get up a couple of hours before him.  My usual routine is to sit at the dining table looking out over the back garden and the field beyond, drinking my coffee and browsing on the computer, reading the paper, blogs and forum, until husband gets up.  Well, I did miss that a lot...there's not much else I can easily do in the mornings without waking husband up, he's a light sleeper and complains if he gets woken (understandably, so do I!).  I also missed being on the computer in the evenings....I'm not a great telly watcher, when OH is at work I only have the TV on if there's something specific I want to watch, otherwise I'm on the computer.  I spent the last few evenings this week whilst he was at work reading, but get bored with that after a while, unless it's a really gripping book.  I don't tend to do crafting in the evenings, can't see it well enough.

So I think from now on I will have the computer on for an hour or 2 in the mornings, and again in the evenings, but will leave it switched off during the day....that way I get the best of both worlds, browsing time when I most enjoy it, and the whole day to get stuff done without the big temptation and distraction of the computer.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Techno break

Firstly, welcome to my new follower, Tricky Wolf....and apologies for the fact that I'm going off for a while just as you've arrived, it's nothing personal, honest!

I went to bed early as I was shattered following a number of sleepless nights...guess what, 2 hours sleep and then I'm wide awake again, albeit knackered beyond belief.  Why is it that you can be SO tired, yet unable to sleep?

Anyway, whilst sitting down here in my newly decorated lounge, flicking through t'internet and thinking about stuff that's been happening recently, I've come to the conclusion that I spend too much time doing just that - internet browsing and thinking - and not enough doing.  My laptop is always on, my phone is always with me, I'm constantly checking one or the other in between jobs.  I'm clearly addicted to technology. 

So I'm going to do something radical and try going without for a while.....let's say a week.  I'm going to switch my laptop off after I've finished this post, put it away out of sight and just not get it out again until next weekend.  My phone I'm going to put in my handbag and leave it there, rather than having it at my side (or tucked in my bra!) all the time.  I did briefly consider actually switching it off, but do need to be contactable for various reasons so that's not really an option.  But again if it's out of sight in my handbag (which I keep tucked away when indoors), then I won't be tempted to check it every 10 minutes or so.

I hope I can keep it up for at least a week, it will be interesting to see how I cope and what I get done without being tied to technology.  After all, 10 or 15 years or so ago, I managed perfectly well without a computer and mobile phone!

See you in a week or so!

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Lounge finished

We (that's the royal 'we', it was OH really) finished decorating the lounge Thursday morning.  I'm really pleased with it....even more pleased by the knowledge that we won't be doing it anymore!  Well, there's the twin spare bedroom and the dining room to go yet, of course, but after that it will be a case of 'getting a man (or indeed woman) in', as we'll be too old and feeble by the time it all needs doing again.  What a scary admission that is!  :(

I was happy that pulling off the old paper didn't pull half the plaster away with it as well, as has happened in a couple of other places.  We've (yes the royal 'we' again) papered in the two alcoves either side of the chimney breast, but just painted the other walls - I like plain painted walls with just a single wall or feature papered, I think you can introduce more colour and pattern and accessorize better with pictures, furnishings etc. when you've got plain walls.

Here's my lovely big splash of colour on the end wall:-

We just need to get a shelf now to go on the papered brick alcove wall above the's for books, just a few reference and favourite novels, I don't keep massive amounts of books now like I used to.

The other end wall beside the door, with the gorgeous red poppy metal artwork I bought, I just love it:-

Here's a closer look at the poppy artwork:-

I also really like the clock we put above the computer, it has a nice loud tick, I love hearing a clock ticking....although not in the bedroom!

As always, the photos are a bit washed out, the colours are brighter in real life.  The carpet is red, navy and cream stripes and we have plain pillar box red curtains.  It all looks quite grown up!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Sorry to have been so quiet....again.  Things are looking up, we're just so busy at the mo.  We're decorating the lounge....oh how I loathe decorating!  (even though OH does the bulk of the work....I'm the apprentice who can't be trusted to actually do anything important except pull off the odd bit of wallpaper and make tea, and point out where he's missed a bit, snigger).  I do the decorative bits afterwards, arranging furniture and things (arranging, or rather hefting heavy furniture around, was what got me an umbilical hernia 2 years ago) and choosing pictures etc.  That's the bit I like best, the finishing touches.