Friday, 29 April 2016


Firstly today I want to answer a comment made on yesterday's blog.....Margaret commented on us having 3 freezers.  There are only the 2 of us here, although we do have visitors to stay sometimes.  We didn't plan on having 3, one of them (the chest freezer) was given to us by a neighbour who was moving out and was going to take it to the tip if we didn't want it - it works perfectly, she just didn't want it anymore.  We do, however, make good use of all three of them - we grow a lot of our own produce, lots and lots of soft fruit, apples, pears and plums and loads of veg, most of which I process and freeze.....we still have raspberries, rhubarb, leeks and carrots from last year in the freezer.  This is what we'd planned for when husband started cutting his hours (which he now does) and when he eventually retires in a couple of years' time.  Growing our own, as everyone knows, saves so much money. 

We also now buy meat in bulk from our local butcher.....for example, we buy half a lamb, and things like chicken thighs, mince, bacon, sausages, pork steaks we buy 3kg of at a time, or 4 whole chickens, say.  We do this for several reasons - we like to support our local butcher (who is lovely), the meat is all local so we're supporting local farmers, it's excellent quality and tastes so much better than the supermarket stuff, and - a big consideration - it's cheaper:  because we buy in bulk and we're regular customers, the butcher gives us a good discount on everything.  Plus we live out in the sticks, our nearest supermarket is a 16 mile round trip away, so I keep stocks of milk, bread, cheese etc in the freezers too.  If our local little lanes get flooded (they always do when we have heavy rain) then we know we've always got plenty of food in.

The tip about putting cardboard boxes in the bottom of the chest freezer is a good one, thank you Dc - I knew about filling up empty space with boxes, but wouldn't have thought to put them at the bottom!  Duh, and it makes so much sense!

Once again, thanks for all the comments. 

I've given up on that particular crochet pattern, I just couldn't get it to lie flat.  Have started on another one, it's one of Lucy's from Attic24 so I know it will be ok.  Today's job is to tidy up the dining room - we don't often sit in there to eat unless we have visitors, and it's become a bit of a dumping ground for stuff.


  1. I too never thought about using empty boxes at the bottom so I'm really glad I read your blog!! I'm a disgrace to the land of the housewife lately! So, I have one target area a day. Today it's my kitchen work tops. I will clear them, side any pots and wipe them down properly.

  2. Thank you for explaining about 'inheriting' a freezer and also that you grow a lot of your own produce - it then makes sense to have three freezers. We have a titchy garden so Waitrose/Lidl's are my 'freezers'. And in a way it must be fun to collect your produce, know the food miles are zilch, and fill your freezer for the winter months with the lovely things you've grown.
    Well done on your motivation. My husband (again, I don't use the word 'hubby' as it is one of my least favourite in the English language, don't know why, it just is) decided to start to strip the wallpaper off our bedroom walls. We have been planning to decorate for the last two years and now we have to! It's been up ... wait for it ... for more than 27 years, so I think a change is about due!
    Margaret P

  3. PS I just meant to say also that I think you are sounding much better and hope this actually reflects how you are feeling. Each day a step closer to renewed good health, physically and mentally, I hope ...
    Margaret P

  4. We're like you - we grow our own veg and fruit as we have a large allotment and also buy meat in bulk and have 4 freezers but it's not just meat and veg - there are so many other food items that you can freeze plus we're now living on our pensions so I buy bargains and freeze them - the freezers help us save so much money I wouldn't be without them
    You sound like you've turned a corner and are feeling just a little bit better - I hope so - you take care xxx

  5. I use cardboard boxes in the chest freezer to separate different small bags of things and keep them all together - if that makes sense! Although with no fruit going in this year or next * sob,sigh* there won't be many small bags of fruit and veg anyway.
    Keep on getting well again

  6. I certainly understand your "stocking up" of food and meat. We have 2 freezers. Here in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Calif. we have had massive snow storms over the years. One year it was over 2 weeks with NO electricity/NO heat.Power lines on the road along with tree
    limbs and whatnot, so trying to get out was not possible for a long time. If we had not 'stocked up" we might have been like some, trying to use a bar-b-q in the snow, while it continued to snow. After 28 yrs of silly Mother Nature, either snow up your backside or drought and of course, the fires, I'm more than ready to leave this to some youngsters !!


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