Thursday, 28 April 2016

Down to one....and a frustration

Well, I did the 2 jobs yesterday, and as a bonus cleaned the bathroom too (it certainly needed it).  Today I'm going to do a freezer inventory, which is a fairly big job.  We have 3 freezers - fridge freezer in the kitchen, plus a small chest freezer (which we were given) and under the worktop upright, both of those in the utility room.  The kitchen one is full, the upright nearly so, the chest one is half full.  That's the worst one though....being a chest freezer, you have to hoik everything out to see what's at the bottom.  I think this is the only job I can cope with today.

I started on the small craft project yesterday, it's a crochet one that really should only have taken a couple of hours to do.  However, I came across a problem, I think the pattern's wrong.  Think I've identified where it is, I reckon there are too many stitches in Row 4, it lies flat for the first 4 rows, then goes all sort of wrinkled and frilly after that.  I've followed the pattern exactly so am fairly sure I haven't got it wrong (I counted the stitches).  The only other possible explanation is that I've used a different yarn to the one in the pattern - I haven't got any of the cotton DK yarn they used and am using up oddments of acrylic DK from my stash, so perhaps it's just a case of the acrylic yarn being much stretchier than the cotton.  I'll have another look in my stash to see what else I've got, and have a play around later.  If it still doesn't work out, I've found another few patterns for similar things so might go with one of those instead.  I don't want to say too much about it right now, as it's destined to be a gift for someone (if I can get it right!!).

Thanks again for all your comments.....Sue in Suffolk and Kate Steeper - I'm amazed that you can say such positive and kind things to me when you both have such awful things going on in your lives!  Bless you both - well, bless you all.  Joy and Margaret - I've tried Kalms and Rescue Remedy Night drops (which were recommended to me by a friend) - the Kalms didn't work for me at all, sadly, the R/R Night drops did for a time, but don't seem to now.  I've never tried yoga, or yoga breathing, that might be something to investigate, thank you Nan. 


  1. Yeah you are one head with a bonus job, I hate doing the freezers, although I have just printed out a store cupboard inventory organiser it has a section for freezing too, I need to get the freezers done before we start harvesting again, I hate it when a crochet pattern dosent work out at least its easier to un pick than knitting :-)

  2. That is good news, that you made a start on your freezer inventory. My goodness, it sounds like you must shop and cook for three extra people, i.e. three freezers! I have just a fridge freezer and manage with that (there are only two of us here now) but we have contemplated a spare one for the garage but I thought, no, that would be silly. We have supermarkets within a stone's throw (well, if you consider a mile away a stone's throw) and we've managed without an extra one for 52 years, so why start now? I do cook for it, when I make cottage pie, I make three at a time, and two go into the freezer, ditto fish pie and lasagne. But no, I think I will stick to one in the kitchen.
    What a shame about the pattern possibly being incorrect. But it's given you food for thought, and at least you have been crafting again.
    One other item I find helps at night, and that is a lavender slumber spray. I buy mine online from Cotswold Lavender. Boots (the chemist) used to sell a lovely one, but that seems to have disappeared from their shelves and their website.
    Margaret P

  3. If you don't plan on ever filling up the chest freezer, put some large cardboard boxes in the bottom, then your food will be easier to hoik out and get too.Also helps your freezer run more efficiently as it thinks it is full due to the lack of air gap at the top.

  4. Sounds like you are getting there. One day at a time x

  5. You sound a bit better this post, life can be hard, hope you are warm inside looking at the lovely blue skies, it does make me feel a lot better.


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