Thursday, 17 March 2016

Some good news :-))

Thanks for all the comments.....yes the naughty child dragged out shopping is probably more of a man thing, although some of you ladies seem to be the same!

Anyway, I managed to get a lot done in my 1.5 hours alone time.....went in the bank to sort out a problem, the health shop, Boots, 3 charity shops and finally the library.  My usual routine in the library involves me moving swiftly around the crime and cookery book sections, grabbing a few books and having a very brief skim through the plot description or chapters list, then rushing out of the door carrying 7 or 8 books.  This is because husband is usually waiting outside in the car on a yellow line, and I can almost hear him saying "come on, hurry up!".  Out of those 7 or 8 books, I usually end up reading only 3 or 4, it turns out the others aren't my sort of thing at all, which I would have realised had I had more time to peruse them properly.  This time I only got 3 crime novels, but having had a good glance through them, I know I'll enjoy them.  Plus 2 of them are new books by favourite authors anyway.  I didn't buy anything, other than some necessary toiletries in Boots, but had a lovely time browsing.

And I've had 3 pretty reasonable nights' sleep this week.....last night was even without the aid of a tablet.  I did wake up a few times, the last time (around 04.30 this morning) I didn't think I'd get back to sleep, but did for another hour or so, getting up about 06.00.  I feel so much better for it.

And the really good news....OH has been given exactly what he was asking for, the right days and same start times.  Such a relief!  He starts his new reduced part time shifts in 3 weeks' time. 


  1. So glad things are working out
    Julie xxxx

  2. Good news all round then and I'm sure you will both feel etter for it.

  3. Great news regarding OH hours, glad you have been sleeping better.

  4. That must be such a relief - I'm very pleased things are falling into'place for you :)

  5. Good news about OH's hours. Glad you are sleeping better, only take the Nytol if you have had a few bad nights.

  6. That's a good list of good stuff! Great news about OH work pattern.


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