Saturday, 5 March 2016

One down, one to go

Thanks for the comments on my last post, and welcome to a new follower, Pixie Mum.  Sorry I haven't posted anything for a while, we've been busy and time has flown by.

We visited pretty much all of the charity furniture shops within a reasonable distance, along with some second hand furniture places and even a couple of shops selling new stuff - yes well, very nice if we had several hundred pounds to spend, but we haven't!  We saw nothing suitable - either they didn't have what we wanted, they did but at a price we weren't willing to pay, or we just didn't like what they had.  One of the charity shops wanted £225 for a wardrobe - really?!  Ok, so it was antique style pine and quite nice, but it was well worn and battered and needed a bit of TLC and new knobs on the doors and drawers, and I wasn't willing to pay that sort of money and have to do work to it.  In the end, we decided to give up looking and just wait for something to come up.....this is what's happened in the past, some of our favourite pieces of furniture (like my lovely oak dining table and chairs) we've happened to spot when we weren't even actually looking. 

Having said that, I checked on ebay a couple of days ago and saw the perfect desk - solid wood, oak top and cream painted cupboards underneath, and at a really good 'buy it now' price.....I snapped it up, we're collecting it tomorrow, I'll post a pic in due course.

I've cleared out the old desk and small filing cabinet, which gave me the opportunity to get rid of old paperwork and all the odds and ends which had accumulated on the desk....a case of 'oh I'll just put that there for a minute' and then of course it never gets put away or disposed of.  The old desk will be recycled - someone we know wants it - and the small filing cabinet has been found a home under the stairs, I'll keep old but important paperwork in there. 

OH has said he wants to paper the wall in the alcove before the new desk goes in, which makes sense, so we don't have to move everything off the new desk and shift it in the future when we come to decorate the lounge.  This of course means that with one wall newly decorated, the rest of the room is going to irritate the hell out of me until it's done.  So we've decided to have a definite plan to decorate the lounge next month....we were going to do the twin spare room first but the lounge will now be more important - I can't live with a room part decorated for months on end!

I do hate decorating, not so much the actual painting (OH does the papering), but all the mess and upheaval.  Once we've done the lounge, twin spare room and dining room, that'll be the whole house done and we hope we won't have to do any of it again!

So now the only furniture item left on our list is the wardrobe.


  1. I am sure you will find a wardrobe, probably when you least expect to. Your new desk sounds lovely. Good luck with the decorating - do't envy you that one! xx

  2. the wardrobe wouldnt have been in a British Heart Foundation would it? they seem to be higher priced than any second hand shop

  3. Love it when you stumble on what you are looking for. We have most of the house to decorate this summer, when we did it up 6 years ago we painted the living room, dining room hall stair magnolia, and now I am sick of it. Hubby has his work cut out, but it's size, as we stripped everything back to bear last time.

  4. I know what you mean about decorating, at least you know it will be worth it. I like the sound of your desk.

  5. Prices in some charity shops are often ridiculous aren't they?

  6. Some of the charity shops are well above their station now. There is a very good second hand shop in Neath with reasonable prices, it is very popular and has a constant flow of stock. Just like Kate I feel that BHF shops are really overpriced.

  7. Glad you found a desk to suit your needs,I am going to be hunting out some bits of furniture this year, I hate the decorating I hate upheaval I have only just got round to last few boxes since the move

  8. Ha you couldn't live in my house! I've lots of part decorated areas! I just turn a blind eye!


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