Thursday, 10 March 2016

Glorious morning and the finished desk

We do frequently have the most wonderful mornings here....even if it clouds over later, we often start the day off with a lovely sunrise.  Here's what it was like this morning:-

(excuse the smears on the window!).  What a contrast to yesterday's howling gales.  I just adore this view, the first thing I do every morning (well, after having a wee of course!) is to come and look out of the front bedroom window.  I love the changing seasons, watching what the farmers are doing, seeing the livestock - sometimes sheep, sometimes cows, none at the moment obviously.  I often see a hare or occasionally a deer in this field early in the morning, quite often buzzards (there's a pair living nearby), once recently I watched a barn owl swooping low over the field....magical.  We're so lucky to live here.

The desk is all finished now....2 coats of wood stain followed by a top coat of light oak oil on the desk surface, the base cupboards painted with a shade called Brandy Crème.  The wall behind the desk has been papered, so we don't have to move the desk out next month when we come to decorate the whole room.

A close up of the new door knobs:-

I love them, still quirky but more appropriate colours than the original bubblegum pink dotty ones.  I might have the pink ones on our bedroom wardrobe (much to OH's disgust, I'm sure!).


  1. What a great job on the desk, I love the knobs:-)

  2. Your desk looks great, we have a rug in our bedroom with a similar design to your door knobs, it's really funky.

  3. Ooo lovely knobs! I love that brick wallpaper too - Mr18 has the red version in his room! Brandy Creme - sounds like a pudding!

  4. How lucky you are to have that view to look out on every day. Your desk looks fantastic and I love the quirky knobs. xx

  5. Love the desk, great bit of up cycling.

  6. Your desk looks wonderful and the knobs are brilliant! Never seen anything like them! x


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