Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Feeling more positive today

Thank you so much for all the really kind comments on my last post, they helped a lot.  I had a good think about everything.....I acknowledge that there are some things which I cannot change and have no control over (that's what gets me the most I think, feeling so helpless and unable to do anything to change the outcome).  But I realised there were things I could do to enable me to cope better. 

I have tried Nytol in the past.....although it does help me to sleep, it leaves me feeling really doped up for virtually the whole of the morning the next day, which I really don't like.  Perhaps I'm ultra sensitive to it.  However, I know that a big reason why I've been feeling so stressed lately is not so much the stresses/problems themselves, but the fact that I've had so little sleep which has left me feeling unable to cope with even one more tiny thing.  So getting more sleep is a priority.  I found out in the chemist that Nytol comes in 2 strengths (I didn't know that before, think I must have had the stronger one), so got the weaker one....the dosage is 2 tabs, but I took just the one last night.  Guess what, I slept for just over 7 hours and don't feel all dopey this morning, and I feel heaps better, much more alive and even quite cheerful.....result!  I reckon if I take just one tablet, maybe once or twice a week, then that should sort me out.  So thanks to those of you who suggested the Nytol.

It helps too that it's lovely and sunny, it's a real mood lifter.  We decided to forget everything that needs doing at home and have a day out yesterday, so took a picnic and decided to go to the beach.  On the way, we deviated and had a drive round a couple of local villages that we've passed by no end of times but never actually visited....they're so pretty, one in particular, it made a nice change to be sort of touristy in our own area.  Although it was gloriously sunny yesterday, there was a bitingly cold breeze, certainly not warm enough to sit out in.  So we parked on the beach and ate our picnic in the car looking out to sea and watching the dog walkers, it was really nice.  I know our beaches aren't anything like as nice as Cornish ones, but I still feel so privileged and happy to live just a few minutes' drive away from a beach.  Particularly when up until 5 years ago we lived in the Midlands, just about as far away from a beach as it was possible to be. 

On our way back from the beach we stopped off at the garden centre, needed to pick up a few more strawberry plants.  It was obviously a pensioners day out, there were several coachloads (literally, 3 or 4 coaches in the car park!) of them wandering around....it's a big garden centre.  We were planning on having a latte in the restaurant, but it was full of pensioners....OH said he didn't want to sit in amongst a load of oldies in case he was mistaken for one, even though he is now technically a pensioner!  Haha, bless him. 

Husband's got a hospital appointment today, I'm getting him to drop me off in town first, so I can go to the library and have a mooch around the shops....it's so rare for me to be able to do that on my own these days, seeing as I can't drive and there's no public transport here, I can only get to the shops if he takes me.  He hates shopping and I hate him being with me!  It's like shopping with a small naughty child, he's bored all the time, slouches around with his hands in his pockets constantly moaning and asking if we can go home now, and is forever exclaiming loudly "HOW much?!?!?!"  every time I pick something up (he lives in the dark ages when it comes to prices, he thinks everything over £5 is extortionate).  So it will be a treat for me to be able to have a good browse on my own.....I don't even want to buy anything, it will just be nice to have a look.

Oh, and he's got a meeting with his manager at 4pm tomorrow, so hopefully all the details re his reduced hours will be sorted out then.  About bloody time!


  1. oh dear, when it comes to shopping I think I'm a dead ringer for your other half! maybe it's just a man thing

  2. Your penultimate made me smile, when we used to go to our big town Taunton I used to shop in 'my' shops and he in his, and we would meet for lunch somewhere, now he likes coming with me even though I choose shops that are boring to him, sometimes he takes the hint now. My husband doesn't mind food shopping where I'm the naughty child so he goes on his own! Works for us!

    Hope your husband gets on OK tomorrow and the outcome is good.
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. I can always hear my hubbys silent voice when I pick things up, exactly the same, how much it's twigs for gods sake, or words similar, I would not change him for the world. Glad you got some sleep, it is the best cure for many things. The sunshine is really uplifting.

  4. I don't like shopping much, but Mr D hates it! He will pick things up, look at them for ages, then put them back again. That would be great but for the fact that it was the very item we came out for and he Needed!! It's so frustrating.
    So glad to hear you're feeling brighter today. Lack of sleep is a killer isn't it? Hopefully some sunshine and a little more sleep will help you enormously x

  5. So glad you tried the Nytol and managed to sleep. I only take 1 sometimes half a one whenever I have had a few bad nights but if you get some sleep it makes you feel better. We have had a lovely day today, I went to Cleveleys and walked on the beach. The sunshine certainly makes you feel better. Pauline

  6. I am so pleased that you managed to have a good sleep. I awoke at 02.45 today and have not had any sleep since then. It has been a very long day. xx

  7. So pleased you managed to get a good night's sleep, it certainly makes a difference. Together with the sunny weather (even though the wind is still icy cold), your day out by the sea and your lone shopping expedition I am sure you feel better. Hope your husband's meeting with the manager brings the desired outcome. xx

  8. I'm glad you managed to have a better nights sleep. I'm the one who exclaims loudly when out shopping 'How Much' :) xx

  9. I'm glad you're feeling better. I'm in the same boat shopping as you are. Hubby does have some patience, but just once in a while I'd like to go look by myself. I can drive but (I was either nice/foolish enough) let my two young adult kids take our two cars so they could get to work (they both live out of town). Hubby has a mini-van (from work) but I can't drive that.

    I hope you had fun with what time alone you had!


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