Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentines gift !!

Who says romance is dead?  Now, my OH isn't one for grand gestures and certainly not for Valentines Day, he has always thought it was a complete and utter waste of all the nearly 35 years we've been together (32 of them married) I could count on the fingers of one hand minus a few fingers the number of times he's given me a Valentine card (he does give me spectacularly lovely birthday and anniversary cards though, so I'm not complaining).

He does, however, seem to be getting quite romantic in his old age (pity it's taken him so long ;-) !!).  He came home from work in the early hours of this morning and left me a gift on the kitchen worktop, ready for me to find when I got up.  Now, given that we're on this low carb/low sugar diet at the mo, it's a bit of an odd gift......

3 yes 3 large bars of assorted flavour dark chocolate.  And he even drew a little heart on one of them, awww!

Don't get me wrong, I do like chocolate, but have never been a chocoholic - give me a choice between a bar of chocolate, packet of crisps or a bag of salted nuts and I'd go for the savoury option every time.  Husband, though, does like chocolate.  I always used to bake cakes for him to take to work every day, he's not had any cake in the 3 or 4 weeks since we've been on the diet.  I think he's feeling a bit deprived!


  1. The chocolate looks yummy. Perhaps he is dropping a hint for cake.......
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Aww he's a keeper!! Maybe find a low sugar healthy recipe for cakes and drizzle some of that chocolate on them! Or ... It is Vale times - drizzle some on you!!!! Ooooooeeeerrr hehehe

  3. Two of them are very dark chocolate so ought to have less sugar in them:)

  4. Ok I'll send you nuts and crisp, swap for chocolate.


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