Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Craft storage sorted

We bought this yesterday from that Swedish store:-

It's on the landing (exercise bike in front....which reminds me, I must get on it!!).  Had to move a couple of things to get it in place, don't really like where I temporarily put them so will have a bit of a shuffle round today.  Husband put the unit together, I made up the boxes (not hard....a minute's work!!).  Three of them are full, just need to label them now and got some more stuff which will fill another two.  I wonder how long it will take before they're all full?!

We had a tall narrow shelf unit there before, it held spares of toiletries which are currently in a box, waiting for me to sort out the bathroom unit, which is a similar thing to that above, just a lot smaller.  The shelf unit is going in OH's shed (will give the mice something else to chew on, haha). 

I'd love a craft room, unfortunately we haven't got the space here.  At least the storage unit can house all my supplies, so they're not now scattered around the place.


  1. Our spare bedroom is my sewing room but everything I use has to be put away including the sewing table, when we have visitors. Some due next week, so after that, it be back to a sewing room.

  2. I now share my craft room, it's the office. But I still have space to do things, hubby just complains when there is glitter every where

  3. We have a large landing which is supposed to be my craft space but it spreads everywhere. I like your unit xx

  4. I also want a craft room but unless my boys move out which isn't looking likely at the moment I have to make do with sharing our spare room with my DH and all his model aeroplanes!!! Love your storage unit. xx

  5. Now that is a neat piece of kit. Can't work out where I could fit one to store my wool though. Thanks for your comment on my blog! blessings x


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