Sunday, 24 January 2016

Diet success

We've now been on the 8-Week Blood Sugar diet for one week, so weighed this morning and took our fasting blood glucose readings (husband isn't diabetic, but we took his reading for comparison purposes with mine).

I've lost 9lbs (in a week!) and my BG has come down from 8.3 last week (not good) to 5.4 today....that's normal, non-diabetic level (anything below 5.6 is normal level...husband's is 4.7).  Husband has lost 5lbs.  I will continue to monitor my fasting BG and if it stays at normal levels for another week or so, will make an appointment to see my specialist diabetes nurse with a view to coming off my medication.

I'm not going to be always going on about the diet here, that's not what this blog is about, but it is part of my life and a very important part right now.


  1. Wonderful news, I hope you can come off or least reduce your medication, that would be a major achievement, you must feel so much better not carrying around an extra 9lbs :-)

  2. Congratulations that's a huge success, our diet does effect our bodies. You put me to shame with just 2lbs here.

  3. Well done you. That would be a fantastic success story if you managed to control the diabetes without medication!

  4. That's so good to hear that your new way of eating is having a positive effect X


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