Saturday, 16 January 2016

Back and thinking

Back home, OH enjoyed his birthday holiday in Ilfracombe, thanks for all your birthday (and age) comments for him, he's got over his fear of becoming an old man.

The cottage was lovely, very well equipped with ample good quality cutlery, crockery and glasses (how many times have we been to places that had just the basic minimum crap stuff they could get away with), lots of books, CDs and DVDs, and very efficient central heating.  Had a nice view of part of the harbour.  Good location on the edge of the town centre, although it was right opposite 2 pubs so there was a bit of noise at closing time....not bad though and only lasted for a few minutes.

The only downside of the holiday, and one which we hadn't really considered, was that as Ilfracombe is primarily a holiday resort, at least 2/3 of the shops and restaurants were closed for the winter, which was a bit of a nuisance.  We'd planned and budgeted for eating lunch out every day and just having cheese & biscuits or toast in the evenings, to give me a break from cooking.  We were a bit limited for choice in where to eat, therefore, but we managed. 

Went to the pictures twice - Star Wars which was husband's choice.....he enjoyed it but I was bored and thoroughly confused, seeing as it's not really my thing and I've only ever seen one Star Wars film before and so didn't have a clue what was going on or who half the characters were.  Then couple of days later we saw The Danish Girl....much more up my street.  Quite difficult to watch in some parts, but a very absorbing story and I did enjoy it.  Although enjoy is probably not the right word.

Ilfracombe is nice, we've been before many years ago and I'd forgotten how hilly it is.  The weather was mostly dry, we were lucky in that the couple of times it rained we were indoors at the time, so didn't get caught in the rain at all.  However, it was VERY windy and bloody freezing cold....trying to walk uphill with a gale force icy wind blasting you in the face is not pleasant!  And wherever we walked and whatever direction, the wind ALWAYS seemed to be coming straight at us.  Huh.  Well, we can't say we didn't get any exercise or fresh air!

Some pics now....I didn't take many as it was just too blooming cold to stand still trying to hold and focus my phone in frozen hands (I'd forgotten to take gloves, how idiotic).

These gigantic brick structures, which I thought were a horrible eyesore and OH thought were a marvellous bit of building work, house the tourist information centre, a theatre and a very nice café.

One of the many beaches, we didn't go down on it as, although it was sunny, it was just far too cold and windy.

View of the harbour from the cottage side window.

This is Verity, a very pregnant woman done in bronze by the artist Damien Hirst, it's at the entrance to the harbour just around the corner from the picture above.  It's huge, 66ft, this side of the statue has her skin peeled back to show all her insides, including the foetus.....very clever indeed but pretty gruesome!  The artist, who apparently lives near Combe Martin, also owns a restaurant by the was closed (like most others!), having a refurb.

Well, although I took several notebooks intending to write lots of lists and plans, not a single word got written.  We did, however, do lots of talking about plans....I also did lots of crocheting and OH watched a lot of TV and generally had a good rest.  He works hard and long shifts through the night and doesn't get a lot of sleep, so he deserved a week's relaxation.

Now we're back home and getting back into a routine, I'm going to get those notebooks out and start using them.


  1. Glad you enjoyed your break, we not been to Ilframcombe for years. I agree with Star Wars, boys film, I want to see Danish Girl, Eddie Redman

  2. It's years since I've been there too and I remember it being very sleepy out of season. Glad to hear you both had a well deserved break though :)

  3. Your photos look very different to the ones I took in summer - my statue picture is against an azure blue sky! It was a gorgeous day trip out that day X Glad you had a nice break.

  4. Last time we went to Ilfracombe it was raining so hard we only got out of the car long enough to rush to the loo! and it was summer. Glad you had a good, if chilly time

  5. Glad you enjoyed your Winter break in Ilfracombe even if the weather was icy cold at times. Good to hear that your husband was able to relax and enjoy his birthday. What a shame a lot of the shops and restaurants were closed, I guess that is the snag of going out of season. xx

  6. Welcome home, it is a shame that most places are closed until the holiday season, never ind you both had a relaxing rest thats the main thing, I havent been to the cinema in such a long time, found it expensive and noisy now just wait for films to arrive on TV :-)

  7. Glad you had a lovely break.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  8. I'm glad you enjoyed the break I managed to get out of my visit to the pictures the boys went yesterday instead! x


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