Sunday, 24 January 2016

A quick clarification

Following on from my previous post.....

Dawn and Marlene have both commented on my loss of 9lbs - thank you both.  Dawn....9lbs is nothing really to me, hardly notice the difference and will explain why in a minute.  Marlene, 2lbs off is really good, well done.

I'm a big girl, as in I have stones (about 4 of them) not just pounds to lose, so even a big initial loss of 9lbs isn't really that noticeable just yet.  The bigger you are, the more weight you tend to lose in the initial couple of weeks.....and it's mostly water anyway (I've been peeing for England this past week!!).  The loss will steady off very quickly, I'm sure.....that kind of loss isn't healthy or sustainable over a period of time!  I'm expecting it to be more like a pound or two per week within the next couple of weeks, which will be fine. 

As I've said before, whilst the weight loss is gratifying, it's reducing my blood glucose to normal levels and keeping them there, and thus being able to come off my diabetes medication that's the most important thing to me.


  1. But 9lbs is still 9lbs, you sound determined enough for the sake of your health to get to your goal. I should lose 2 stone but will be happy to lose 1 stone.

  2. better 9lbs off its still less weight to carry to around even if it is water, it is like 18 packs of butter imagine having to carry those around with you, yes it will slow down to more reasonable levels and I am sure you will get there a big well deserved pat on the back to you and hubby :-)

  3. Keep going with the diet Sooze, even if it is 1 lb a week that is fine. You will get there in the end and feel a lot healthier for it and it will be great if you can reduce or come off your medication. I have a lot of weight to lose (we are talking 7+ stone, I have lost just over 4 stone since the end of March last year and am struggling a bit at the moment but having come this far I am not giving up now. xx

  4. 9lbs is 9lbs as Marlene says. You sound a very determined lady, the important thing is to come off the medication
    Julie xxxxxx


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