Thursday, 31 December 2015

So that was 2015

It's been a bit of a mixed year.  Low points all to do with the health of loved ones - my mother's continuing ill health, the probable cancer diagnosis of another much loved family member....still to be confirmed via a biopsy and further scan.  OH and I have both had (relatively minor but painful and ongoing) medical conditions.  And then there was MiL's death after a short illness, and the subsequent nastiness and problems caused by a member of OH's family - that family member we've cut ties with for good.

But there have been loads more good things this year.  We had a wonderful holiday following MiL's funeral, a lovely place and great weather, it really recharged our batteries.  We've managed to acquire and cross off lots of items on our wish list of furniture and furnishings for our house, all second hand good quality things that will last us (hopefully) a lifetime.  We've decorated the hall, stairs and landing, and our bedroom - I just love our bedroom, it's definitely my most favourite décor ever.  We've bought paint for the next 2 rooms we'll be decorating (kitchen/diner and 2nd bedroom), got it in sales, so we're all ready to go in the Spring.  After a slow start, we had pretty good results growing produce, especially soft fruit which we were inundated with. 

We acquired extra storage and began stockpiling dry food goods and toiletries, getting ready for when OH starts cutting down his working days in the run up to retirement.  We've formulated plans for how we're going to cope with reduced income.  We're making plans for days out and things to do when we have more time when husband reduces his hours.

So on balance, it's been a pretty good year, and we're hopeful that next year will be even better, despite the ongoing health problems. 

I'm glad the new year is almost here, I'm looking forward to it a lot. 

Wishing you all a fabulous 2016, I hope it's everything you want it to be.  Thanks so much for reading and commenting, it means a lot to me.


  1. Wishing you both all the best in 2016, there is no point on dwelling on the negatives you cant change what has happened, you have made lots of good changes well done to the both of you :-)

  2. Wishing you a fabulous New Year back X surely 2016 will be kinder!

  3. It sounds to me like your going into 2016 with a good healthy attitude and that's the most any of us can really do.
    Happy new year Sooze

  4. Happy new year to you both, I hope it's a good one!

  5. Happy New Year. I hope this one will be happier and healthier for you and your husband. xx

  6. I wish you all the very best for 2016...may it treat you well. :)

  7. Just popped in to say hello, and you have a new follower too
    Happy New Year
    Julie xxxxxxx

  8. Happy New Year to you and here's hooing it will be a good one! :)


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