Friday, 18 December 2015


Thank you for all the lovely comments, things are a little better, no news yet on the biopsy and scan which probably won't now be until after Xmas.  I have managed to sleep a little better the last couple of nights, so feel a bit more human and more able to cope with things.

This week I have received 2 gorgeous gifts through the post, from absolutely lovely blogging buddies.  Angie of Pensive Pensioner had a draw recently for a set of gorgeous suedette covered notebooks, and I was lucky enough to win them, here they are:-

They were accompanied by a stunning handmade Christmas card, it is beautiful.  Handmade cards knock spots off mass produced commercial ones, thank you so much Angie, you're very talented.

I'd mentioned on here a few weeks ago that I'd been looking for a patchwork craft bag to keep my current crochet project and yarn in.....the lovely Pam of A New Life in Wales offered to make me one.  I was happy to pay her but she suggested a craft swap, so that's what we will be doing.  This is what she made:-

Isn't it lovely?  As I mainly make throws, it's a good roomy size for holding a throw-sized project and yarn.  But that's not all, have a look at the back, and the pocket she made to hold my scissors and hook:-

She made a sewing machine clever is that?! 

And yet another thing, which was a complete surprise as I hadn't asked for it:-

Pam made me a storage bag for all my hooks, it's lovely and so welcome as I'd previously been keeping them in a plastic bag.

Sorry for the usual poor quality photos, the colours aren't particularly good and the detail doesn't show up very well, I expect you can see better if you enlarge them. 

These beautiful gifts from Angie and Pam have come at just the right time and have really lifted my spirits this week.  I've only been blogging for a few months and never cease to be amazed and pleased at the kindness, helpfulness and ingenuity of fellow bloggers.  Thank you all, with special thanks to Angie and Pam.


  1. Such lovely gifts, I am so glad that Pam managed to do you a bag its really stunning :-)

    1. I've been lucky enough to receive a Pam gift. She's a star! X
      I'll say a little prayer at church for you tonight in church X

  2. Oh that's wonderful and just the kind of treat to help cheer you up. You're right, there's something very special about fellow bloggers :)

  3. You are a lucky girl, those are so lovely.

  4. Oh Sooze, I'm so glad you are feeling a little better. You seem to be having a very rough time at the moment with one thing and another. I'm so pleased that you liked your gift and Pam's stuff is wonderful! She is such a clever sewer. Try not to worry (I know it's easier said than done) but you do need to sleep and worry always seems to surface at night time. Sending you healing, Angie x


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