Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Wind and fingers being a pain

Phew, it's windy out there!!  Been in the front garden for just half an hour, and I feel like I've been sandblasted in a wind tunnel.  At least it's sunny, dry and not cold at fact, I was wearing a fleece sweatshirt and was actually sweating in it (you really wanted to know that, didn't you).  Sorted out the tubs, got rid of the petunias that have been in them since Spring.....they're still actually flowering, although dying off now of course, it's been so mild here.  Put in Spring bulbs (I know, a bit overdue, they should have gone in a month ago but the petunias were still looking so nice) and winter-flowering pansies.  Got more bulbs to put in the wall baskets, but the wind has defeated me for today, they'll have to wait another couple of days.

Plus I'm having a lot of trouble with my right fingers and hand.  For a fortnight now I've had really bad - and constant, it hasn't let up at all - pins and needles in the little and ring fingers, down the side of my hand and an inch or so in from there on both the palm and back of my hand.  Sometimes, my little finger in particular goes white and numb - it's generally like that in the morning when I get up.  Cold and wind makes it worse, as does having my arm bent - which is most of the time really.  Which means I can only sit and crochet for a few minutes at a time, the pins and needles become unbearable after that, I have to then sit with my arm out straight for a while.  Having googled, I think it may be a trapped ulnar nerve....similar thing to carpal tunnel, only that affects the thumb, forefinger and middle finger.  Going to the GP on Monday morning, I hope he can do something for it, it's driving me crackers.

Having been wheat-free and low carb for about a month now, I'm feeling so much better.....weight loss has stayed at 12 lbs (bit of a plateau, I expect it will start to go down again soon) but the bloating and stomach upsets have gone.  However, for some reason today I really fancy a pizza!  I'm going to have a go at making the dough with gram flour, inspired by Pam and Dc's recent experiments.  Ok, so the dough won't be particularly low carb, but it's not like I'm going to eat a whole pizza! (although I probably could - and would - have done in a previous life).  Got some veggies that are looking past their best, so will roast them and use them as the topping, along with some homegrown tomato sauce....and cheese, of course.  Will make a coleslaw to go with it, and some of our lightly pickled cucumbers. 

Thanks for all your comments on my boo to Christmas post....I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way!


  1. Your meal sounds lovely. What time will it be ready? I'll be round!!

    1. Trust me Rachel, you wouldn't have enjoyed it!!


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