Sunday, 1 November 2015

My eating plan

I'm doing very well on this low carb/no wheat plan, I'm feeling so much better in every way, and the weight loss is a welcome bonus.  I've been a yo-yo dieter my entire life.....start off ok on various weight loss diets (Slimming World, WW, Atkins, F-Plan, Rosemary Conley, Harcombe, 5:2 - you name it, I've tried it), but after a few weeks (few days in some cases) I get totally fed up with it and hurl myself off the wagon.  Somehow, my outlook this time has changed.....I'm actually enjoying eating this way and am happy to carry on indefinitely.  I think it's possibly to do with the fact that I'd really begun to feel very unwell indeed, with almost constant bloating, indigestion, stomach upsets, bowel completely out of kilter, aching joints, tired all the time.  I've always firmly believed that the way we eat has a massive effect on our health, so knew it was time to do something about it.  And, more importantly, to stick to it.

I'm not following any commercial or 'proper' diet, I'm just being very sensible and cutting out all the things that I know affect my health.  Luckily, OH is happy to go along with whatever I choose (well, he wouldn't get fed otherwise teehee), with the addition of some carbs for him.

Here's what I've eaten the past 3 days, just to give you an idea:-

Breakfast - Greek full fat yogurt
Lunch - GF sausages (89% meat), mashed swede, buttered savoy cabbage and broccoli, GF gravy
Tea - A chunk of Cheddar, an apple and handful of almonds

Breakfast - yogurt
Lunch - Coconut prawn curry,  Brussel sprouts (OH had rice with his)
Tea - Chunk of Red Leicester, apple and almonds

Breakfast - yogurt
Lunch - Grilled bacon, scrambled eggs with cream cheese added, a whole tin of tomatoes (OH had chips and beans instead of toms)
Tea - Tinned tuna and grated cheese with salad leaves and cucumber and a dollop of mayo, followed by an apple

I have 1 coffee and 1 tea per day, both with milk but no sugar, the rest of the time I drink water

So you can see I'm not starving myself, not feeling hungry at all, and am having a varied diet with plenty of protein, veg and fat.  I'm not one of those who runs shrieking at the mention of butter or cheese!  Nor do I think that eating sausages or bacon once a week is going to kill me anytime soon.

Had no breakfast today (got up late and didn't fancy anything), had cheese and apple for lunch.  Having pork chops for dinner, which husband is roast spuds (and oddly I don't even want them!), he's doing roasted butternut squash, courgette and sprouts with it.


  1. It all sounds delicious! you are doing brilliantly X

  2. It is all about following simple rules, we are trying to cut out all process foods, it will be hard to cut them all out, but if we keep consumption down we notice the benefits. I have never liked eating meat which has been minced up and then put back together, I always wonder what's hidden in there. We done on feeling better.

  3. Your diet sounds wonderful.
    I find when I cut the carbs I feel much better.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. I have reduced my carb intake and am working on removing as much wheat from my cooking as possible. I experimented with gram flour pastry yesterday and it is quite good to eat but a bit tricky to handle. Tomorrow I intend to try making a sweet pastry with it. Well done on sticking to it and extra congrats on the weight loss.

  5. You are doing well. I do not believe in dieting, because as soon as you diet you constantly think of the food you can not have. I beleive if you eat well you will be too full to eat all the bad bits. And if you fancy a piece of cake have it so long as it is not every day. Glad to hear you are feeling the benefits.

  6. That looks like a pretty taste menu. :)


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