Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Well, I was going to post a load of pictures today, only I can't.  I recently downloaded and installed Win10 (well, to be completely truthful, OH's son in law did it for me!) and now I cannot post pictures.  I can get the box, click on upload, find the pic and load it.....but then when I click to select and add it, it won't!!  And I can't even close the Insert Image window, it just won't let me, I have to close down all windows to get out of it.

Sometimes, I just loathe technology *runs around screaming and stamping feet*

Any ideas? (in words of one syllable suitable for a blonde menopausal technophobe please!).  Has anyone else had this problem?


  1. Now that happened to me about a year ago and it was to do with firewall settings not allowing a transfer of unauthorized data, I think I found it through blogger help, changed my settings in firewall and not had a problem since

    1. Thanks Dawn, I had a look on blogger help, apparently it's because IE isn't supported by blogger, so I changed to Firefox and that solved it.


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