Saturday, 7 November 2015

Exploding breakfast

We're having a lazy morning.....OH is still in bed after his night shift, he got in a bit earlier than normal this morning, around 03.45, and plans on getting up about 10.00.  Got a bit of shopping to do when he's up and ready, then we're off to stay overnight with our friends later on.

I was sitting here quietly reading the paper online about half an hour ago, when there was this almighty great bang coming from the kitchen....I went to have a look, thinking it was probably a bird (albeit a large one) having crashed into the window (they do that quite often, kamikaze birds round here, although it usually happens when it's sunny and the birds are dazzled by the sunshine and can't see the window, not when it's hurling it down with rain like it is right now).

Looked out of the window - nope, no imprint on the window (they leave a perfect imprint of their shape on the glass) and no dazed bird on the grass outside.  Then I noticed it, on the table, the reason for the bang.  I'd bought a can of those Jus-Rol bake at home croissants the other day, it was on its sell by date and reduced to 45p, never tried them before but thought might as well at that price (although how they get 6 croissants in such a small can is beyond me ;-) hehe).  Well, it had exploded open, with dough bursting out like, well, yeasty dough left to prove in a too-small bowl.

I guess we'll be having croissants for brunch then, with ham and Swiss cheese....yum.  Well, it was my birthday yesterday after all, so a carby yeasty treat is allowed :-))

Thank you for all your lovely comments yesterday.....I'm over the attack of the maudlin miseries.


  1. We get birds flying into our bedroom window all the time, enjoy your brunch, daughter and Sammy are taking me out for my birthday treat this morning. There is loads planned but I have to wait to find out what they are.

  2. Exploding croissants!! You were lucky though, could have gone off in your hand/face!

  3. Are you sure eating exploding cans of croissants is a good idea? If you suddenly stop blogging we'll know why!!!

  4. How weird is that!!!! I wonder if that happens often. I've never seen that product here....they might blow up before they reach our shores! :)

    Croissants, ham, Swiss cheese....and mustard....yum! :)


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