Friday, 20 November 2015

Chilli cheese cornbread

Making this today, to go with our slow cooker chilli.  It's not completely GF, so isn't suitable for coeliacs (unless you substitute a GF flour, which I would have done except I haven't got any, other than some rice flour which i'm not really keen on, till I go shopping).  But it is certainly low in gluten and is a good substitute if you're craving some bread-type thing.

300g polenta
100g plain flour (or a GF flour)
2 tsp bicarbonate of soda, or baking powder if you have none
1 heaped tsp (or to taste) chilli powder or smoked paprika....I use paprika
Salt & pepper
A large handful grated strong Cheddar

Mix all these together in a large bowl.

300ml natural yogurt or buttermilk (if you have none, use all milk with lemon juice added to sour it, I've done this often)
150ml milk
1 egg

Whisk together well in a large jug, then pour into the dry mixture and quickly mix in together, just until it's all combined with no dry bits lurking.  If it's too dry or stiff, add a bit more milk.

Don't expect this to be like bread dough or cake mix - it isn't, it's much more liquid and loose.....think Yorkshire pudding batter.

Pour it into a greased and/or lined deep square/oblong tin (mine's about 9"x12" I think).  Bake in a medium hot oven for about 15 mins, take out and sprinkle over some extra grated cheese, put back in for another 15 or 20 mins, until it's well risen and feels firm and springy.

It's probably not like an authentic American cornbread, I adapted it from a British recipe I found online somewhere ages ago (sorry, can't remember where).  There are one or two other recipes I've tried occasionally, but I always come back to this one.....I've made it several times now and we really like it.


  1. I love corn bread, plain, with cheese, chilli or corn in it. I must add polenta to next weeks shopping list.

  2. This sounds good to me.
    Add some chopped green chilies, yum.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. I haven't made corn bread for years. I think I want some now.

  4. That sounds absolutely delicious! I must try it. :)


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