Saturday, 14 November 2015

Bah humbug to Christmas

Welcome to my new followers lisamaywalters and Monalisa, and thank you for the comments on my carnival pictures, we had a fantastic time.

OH and I don't really 'do' Christmas - we have no children ourselves, OH's children and grandchildren are all grown up, we have no relatives living near us (they're all scattered around the country), we're not religious at all although half of both our families are and don't celebrate Christmas (and I'm not getting into any religious discussions whatsoever!).  Plus OH normally only has Christmas day itself off work, although, unusually, he's also got Xmas Eve off this year.  And I absolutely loathe all the commercialism of it....the pressure the media and shops put people under to spend vast amounts of money - completely unnecessarily in my view - is disgusting, I think.  I loathe all the charity begging letters that drop through our letterbox at this time of year (why can't they just stop sending out all those unwanted and unasked for pens, cards, coasters, gift tags etc that just get dumped in the recycling and save themselves a load of money?!).  I hate being accosted by charity collectors outside the supermarket, or every time we set foot in the high street....for the record, we do give to charities of our choice, and in the way we choose, not to bloody tin rattlers trying to make us feel guilty.

I sound a right miserable old cow, don't I?!

Well I'm not, I just don't agree with it all.  To those of you who do (most of you, I expect).....good on you, that's your choice and I hope you all have a lovely time.

We don't have turkey, for the simple reason that we don't really like it.  I don't make a Christmas cake, as I'm diabetic so hardly eat it, plus OH doesn't like marzipan and icing.  We don't give each other Christmas presents....what for?  We have everything we need at our (relatively!) advanced ages lol.  And if there's something we want, well we go and buy it (assuming we have the money).  We send OH's grandchildren money (although I don't know how long we'll keep that up, seeing as OH will be retiring soon and his grandchildren will soon - if they don't already - be earning more than he does).  We don't give presents to the rest of the family.....we stopped that by mutual agreement some years ago.  We don't even send Christmas cards - a long time ago we decided that the money would be better put to good use being donated to charity, so that's what we do instead.

We just view it as an opportunity to spend time together, eating some nice food (I do make a bit of an effort!), watching a few good programmes on TV - there's usually something decent to watch - and even going for a nice walk on the beach if the weather's ok.  It's surprising how many people do actually go out for a walk on Christmas day, and the ones you meet are always so friendly, smiley and happy (full of booze and mince pies probably hehe).

I do make mince pies, because OH loves them.....I make the mincemeat (will be doing that this weekend, following my usual Saint Delia's recipe) and make a few dozen pies, freezing them and getting out a few at a time.  We have a drink or two (not a lot more than that, seeing as OH has to go to work the next day!), I've made raspberry gin, raspberry & honey whisky and limoncello, which should all be ready to drink around then.

And that's about it for that time of year, I'm totally fed up with it all and champing at the bit for winter to be over and Spring to arrive.

Oh, there is one thing I do like about Christmas......I absolutely love Christmas songs - carols, pop songs, choirs, you name it.  So I'm not totally bah humbug ;-)


  1. I am in the same court as you, we see it as a time to spend together, dinner is usualy something nice in front of the fire together, dont send cards, the only gifts are handcrafted by us for imediate family, I really cant for the life of me understand why people seem to think they have to over spend and get into debt buying expensive gifts to impress, buying in loads of expensive food that most will end up in the bin, buy lots of fancy clothes for just 1 day, get new carpets and furniture, re-decorate the house, I am not religious and admire those that find religion a comfort, Christmas is a religious event that stinks of commercialism, but people use it as an excuse to show off and brag. we did for many years go away abroad at christmas to get away from it, in other countries its so different to here, even in the USA its very low key, one of the best christmases we had was a few years ago we volountered to help out at a event laid on for OAp's who would have been spending it alone, we pick up people a tabout 10am took them to the venue helped serve dinner, danced and sang with them and then delivered them home at 8pm it was a great day, our familys were shocked that we were giving up a day to do this, that was the turning point for us no more christmas spent with family now our family are coming round to our way of thinking and I am very proud that my daughters are making gifts for there children and other family members it means so much more.
    So good on you for taking a stand :-)

  2. We have dropped off the commercial Christmas, we buy just a few presents, mainly for grandsons and my brother who lives alone. I do like to decorate a tree, but most of what I use is year old. We put cost limits on what we spend, presents and food, and enjoy our time together most of all. I find Christmas is everywhere so very early, the shops are full of stuff and most of it is tat, which through out the year we would laugh at. We won't buy the expensive must have toy or gadget, if they want it we give the budget amount towards it. A few years ago we spent boxing day to new year in Spain, it was still religious and all about the family, not like here where it's all about the money. John Lewis spent obscene amount of money to highlight the plight of lonely old folk, can you imagine what we would think of them if they put the money towards helping the lonely old folk. Our world is crazy.

  3. We don't celebrate christmas at all, it's just another day.

  4. I love the season of Advent and Christmas and feel it's up to us to decide how commercialised we allow it to be.

  5. I can't abide Christmas at all in any shape or form and like yourselves we give donations to charities of our choice twice a year.

  6. No, you most certainly do not sound like a "miserable old cow"...I'm not a religious person.

    There's only me and my two furry, four-legged rascals - we'll be enjoying a feed of fresh, cold seafood on Christmas Day (Summer here)...and perhaps, maybe, my ex might come up to join me and my furry mates..and maybe he won't. Some years he does, some he doesn't. Either way, the seafood will be enjoyed and nothing much else will differentiate it for any other day for me...and for them.

  7. I ignore Christmas, it depresses me, so I let it pass me by.

  8. I'm not a fan of Xmas either, far too commercial, we try to keep it simple. For me it is a time to spend with the family, we go for a walk on the beach as does everyone else it seems. It is always packed!!

  9. Hi Sooze - I'm just about to publish and answer your comment on my recent post, but thought I'd pop over and see who you are! I totally agree re Christmas - it means more if there are little ones around but we don;t have them near us any more and to be honest I fins it all a bit of an imposed burden. We do less and less each year, buy less and less and cook less and less. We'll be in NEw Zealand with my son and his family this time and it will be very laid back and no damned turkey!!! Lxx


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