Saturday, 3 October 2015

Sister coming

Thanks for all your comments recently, although I've read them all of course, I haven't had time to reply, or to make many comments on all your's been a busy few weeks. 

My sister has more or less got over her recent health problems and is arriving tomorrow to stay with us for a few days.  Both sis and I are looking forward to this so much, we've both had a lot of stress recently and are so happy to be able to spend a few days together just chinwagging and going out and about.  We get on really well together (we didn't when we were teenagers!) and are best friends as well as sisters.  OH enjoys her company too, they have a good laugh together and sis is always willing (much more so than I!) to help him out with any DIY projects in the garden. 

She's arriving by coach late morning tomorrow, we'll go and pick her up, getting back here for lunchtime.  So today I'm making fresh tomato and red pepper soup, plus cheesy chilli cornbread, so it'll be ready for us to eat tomorrow as soon as we get home.  Roast lamb, sister's favourite and mine, for dinner tomorrow evening.

Sis is a bit of a shopaholic and a 'lady who lunches'.....that used to be me too before we moved down here to the (very) rural countryside and I became a sort of oldfashioned 'Larkrise to Candleford' style housewife!  Which, incidentally, I love and feel I was born to.  Although it is quite nice occasionally to go back to being how I used to be.....just for a day or two though.  Sis has said she'd like to see the seaside - she lives in the middle of the country, nowhere near any sea at all.  So we'll combine seaside and shopping with trips to Minehead and Weston, with a bag of chips thrown in.....well, it's what you do at the seaside! We'll probably also go to a couple of the nice inland villages, and have a decent lunch out somewhere.  Pity the weather's set to change.....typical, we've had warm sunshine for the past 2 or 3 weeks and now it's forecast to be wet and windy next week.  Grrr.

Will try to remember to take pics of the soup and cornbread, oh and a cake too hopefully, and post them later.


  1. Enjoy the beaches, Minehead was always a bit run down, hope it has improved now, I love your post the place names always cry out my childhood. Have fun with your sister.


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